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Hi Kiddies! 

It’s Friday! Are most of you counting the seconds to freedom or trying not to look directly at the clock hoping the time will speed on by? At work we just returned to a 10 hour/4 day work week and I’m thrilled with the change! I do have to be more organized with my time on work days but the additional day gives me a chance to return refreshed and enjoy the time I’m there. Today you may notice I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my photos not eat the rest of the blog page. They’ve shown themselves to be greedy little buggers and aren’t summiting to my requests politely. I’ll fix one problem and then another one pops up so again I ask your patience as I learn to tame the WordPress beast. 

On today’s post I’m taking you back to Charleston as we continued on our southern sojourn. This was our last day in the city so after a morning workout we spent time exploring the City Market. The market has all sorts of vendors selling their wares such as food, handmade jewelry & baskets, antiques and the regular tourist trap trinkets (as I call them).  We then made our way to a great restaurant called Poogan’s Porch for lunch. After eating tons of southern yumminess in the preceding days I was trying to consider my “bottom line” and get a salad. The arugula, shrimp and blackberry salad had all the makings of something I normally love but for some reason it tasted a little off. Looking back I should have gone with the fried green tomato & goat cheese BLT I originally wanted instead. I ended up helping Mr.T polish off his fried chicken sliders which still hold a place in our hearts. However, the real stars of the show were the biscuits! Not only are they made daily with a touch of honey but also served with honey butter that just makes you want to dive headfirst into the biscuit basket. I asked the server if they sold them and he said no one had ever asked. Not only was I was astonished but I begged him to inquire. When he came back and said we could purchase some Mr. T suggested we maybe get 10ish or so and allow my parents a taste. My stomach and mouth suggested otherwise and we walked out of the restaurant with two dozen biscuits!! Luckily that’s all we could probably mange to get back to SF and I still have a few in the freezer that are being guarded by laser beams…

As I mentioned in my last post how mild the San Francisco weather can be I wanted to use all the time at home wearing as little clothing as possible… but not so little as to get me arrested of course. Sundresses are a perfect choice and can be casual or more formal with a change of shoes and accessories. They’re great for traveling because it’s just once piece but if you throw on sweater or light jacket with a belt it adds additional options. This dress is great for that since the black and white pattern is graphic and lends itself to so many colors. Additionally the waist is elastic which is helpful for biscuit smugglers such as myself. I didn’t need a jacket or other layers so I added a bright pink necklace that draws the eye upwards. The neon bag is trendier but I love the contrasting colors and the shape is so cool! I kept my shoes and other jewelry more neutral but added the retro glasses for a little twist.

The funny pic for today is the last one. Was I attempting to blow a kiss? Blowing air? Just making a stupid face? Most likely the last choice heh. What do you like to wear when you’re sightseeing and traveling? Do you have certain go to pieces? Let me know what you think…. and tell the truth, are you a biscuit fiend too? 😉



Dress – LuLu’s

Necklace – Forever 21

Shoes – Nine West

Bag – Ambiance (boutique in SF)

Glasses – Charlotte Rouse 

Bangles – (Forever 21), Pyramid Bracelet  – (JCrew)

Earrings – Jewelmint

Watch – Seiko

Rings –  Owl (Forever 21), Rectangular and Gold round one- (Jewelmint), Triangular (raided from my mom)


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