The Scene

Mr. T and I had such a nice time in Napa that I couldn’t help but share a few more photos with you. If you’re reading this, wondering what in the crap I’m talking about then you may want to take a look here, here and here. Now that everyone’s caught up, hopefully you’ll enjoy these pictures too! I love taking photos whenever & wherever I travel. Actually, I don’t really need to be traveling. I just think the world is a spectacular place and worth documenting. There is beauty and artistry in everything; Sometimes it just takes a different perspective or way of thinking to see it. So with that being said, I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoying The Scene.



IMG 5020 666x1000  The SceneIMG 4976 666x1000  The SceneIMG 5041 960x640  The SceneIMG 4977 666x1000  The SceneIMG 4979 960x640  The SceneIMG 5022 960x640  The SceneIMG 5024 666x1000  The SceneIMG 5018 666x1000  The SceneIMG 5016 960x640  The SceneIMG 5029 960x640  The SceneIMG 5027 960x640  The SceneIMG 5021 960x640  The SceneIMG 5132 666x1000  The SceneIMG 5131 960x640  The SceneIMG 5134 666x1000  The Scene

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