The Morning After

You may want to stay in bed, but you’ve got to get up. Let’s ignore the fact you’ve only gotten a few hours sleep the last few nights, or that yesterday’s amazing hair has now turned into a giant ball of frizz, or that the clothes in your suitcase look as though a tornado has attacked them… You’ve still got to get up. Sound like you? Well it may be Monday or you may have just gotten married because those were just a few of the thoughts roaming through my head today, one month ago.

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I can’t believe one month has already passed, but I suppose time flies and all that… All joking aside it was one of the best days of our lives. Actually, it was a few days because we got to enjoy the company of our friends and family for a multiple days surrounding the wedding. Spending time with them was easily the most important aspect of our wedding celebration.

IMG 9256 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 9270 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 9261 960x640  The Morning AfterIMG 9260 960x640  The Morning After

The morning after our wedding we met folks for brunch. I use the term “morning” loosely since we met them at noon. Mr. T and I were in slight disbelief but almost everyone who said they were going to attend showed up! The weather had been unseasonably cold and windy during the previous days but luckily the rain held off enough for us to chow down and chatter at the Butcher & Bee in Charleston. If you’re ever in Charleston and don’t eat there you should be arrested. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but trust me when I say you’ll be a much happier person after experiencing their menu. It’s kinda killer…

IMG 9238 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 9272 960x640  The Morning AfterIMG 9258 960x640  The Morning AfterIMG 9252 666x1000  The Morning After

So with the above thoughts running through my head I rummaged through my suitcase and found something to wear; the usual suspects were to be found (jeans, sweater, jacket, bright bag and open toe booties). You would’ve thought I was in San Francisco, but as I mentioned, it’d been unseasonably cold. There were however, some new editions. My necklace, bracelet, ring on my right hand and obviously, my wedding band. The bracelet is vintage 1920’s and a wedding gift from Mr. T. which was found at one of my favorite San Francisco stores, Ver Unica. The ring is also vintage 1920’s and was discovered at another vintage shop I love called The Trunk Show) in Charleston. I’m a very lucky gal because this is also a wedding/engagement gift from my hubby.

IMG 9280 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 92191 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 9307 666x1000  The Morning AfterIMG 9374 960x640  The Morning AfterIMG 9315 960x979  The Morning After

The TADA! necklace I’m wearing by Kate Spade is from a couple seasons back but with help from my mom and the Kate Spade customer service team, they were able to track one down. I wore it the night before at the wedding with my reception dress because not only is it a play on words, but it’s also my new name! That’s right! I’m now Mrs. Tada, or Mrs. T, whichever… 😉 I loved my “wedding hair” but only had time to top knot it when heading to brunch. Luckily our friends and family didn’t care. They knew it was the morning after…



Outfit details ~ sweater & jacket  – J.Crew // jeans – Paige Denim // booties – Nine West via Nordstrom Rack // necklace – Kate Spade // earrings – House of Harlow via Gilt // gold ring – Forever 21 // bracelet and coral & diamond ring – vintage // bag – Oasis Fashion

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