The Finishing Touch

I know everyone’s geeked out over spring and all but some areas are still dang cold! That’s the thing about spring weather. We’ve got an internal itch to crawl out of our snowsuits, cozy scarves and wool socks, toss them aside and frolic in the sunshine. But that sun is a trickster! It beckons; extending bright rays of light and the allure of longer days. So you allow it to pull you from the winter doldrums and its heavy layers. Then BAM! You’re smacked in the face by cold winds, erratic temperatures, and a realization that it’s only warm when you’re in direct sunlight, and then, only for a “hot minute”.

IMG 8690 666x1000  The Finishing TouchIMG 8625 666x1000  The Finishing Touch

So what’s a style minded gal to do? One great fix is layers: add and remove as necessary, which is key when the weather’s so unpredictable. However, I generally run cold, so nine times out of ten I want to cuddle up with cozy outer layers. It’s the perfect time of year to use those shorter jackets, capes, vests and pieces you’re just not sure what to call. An interaction that sounds something like this….


“Well it only goes halfway down my back and there are no sleeves.”


“Is it a shawl?”


“Ummm, sorta? Maybe?”

IMG 8587 960x640  The Finishing TouchIMG 8648 960x582  The Finishing Touch

I found this amazing vintage fur in one of my favorite vintage shops in San Francisco, Ver Unica, however, these photos were taken in Charleston during a wedding planning trip. People don’t associate cold with Charleston and South Carolina but trust me, it gets PLENTY cold. This piece is a little big on me so I’m looking into alterations, but the color was too good to pass up. I realize fur is a hot button issue and I don’t buy new pieces, but I do have vintage pieces like this one or others I’ve inherited from my family.

IMG 8626 666x1000  The Finishing TouchIMG 8664 666x1000  The Finishing Touch

Since I generally love combining vintage and modern styles this cold day in Charleston was a great opportunity to mix things up. Distressed skinny jeans, black booties, most of my jewelry and a large two-toned satchel are all contemporary. A black and white striped shirt sits somewhere in the middle; it’s not exactly modern, but it’s an on trend classic much like this chiffon bow tie. The vintage detail comes from the shawl, and red sunnies, though technically new, provide some glam. The finishing touch comes from my hair, which I find amusing because it’s not clothing or an accessory and something I “wear” all the time.  It definitely gave an extra vintage element that tied everything together. I thought I had my whole look figured out but it just goes to show, occasionally the finishing touch comes from someplace you weren’t looking.






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