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Hi Kiddies,

Today I’m sharing a very special post with you and a Style Remembered. Today, July 28th was the birthday of my dear friend Teddy. Unfortunately he passed away on December 25, 2010 at the far too young age of 39 and I miss him everyday. As you’ll see in these photos I was once a flight attendant and there is a part of that world that will always hold part of my heart. The work schedule and travel are obvious reasons to love it but the friendships I made are like diamonds and more valuable to me than anything else. Teddy and I met while working together and he was an unexpected gift. 

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Teddy was a character to say the least. He was HILARIOUS and always quick with a witty and most likely saucy comment. Always stylish, he loved to look good and was most certainly dressed to impress. You just knew his car, clothes and apartment would be ready for company. I’d take his picture telling him it was good and he’d respond “I’LL be the judge of that” (with a coy smile and laugh emphasizing the “I’LL”). His  laugh would fill a room with warmth and he constantly had me, as well as everyone else in stitches. Teddy never met a spotlight or party he didn’t like. One year we had a fellow friend and coworker who’s birthday was the day before and Teddy didn’t want to share his party. That was just fine though because he was who he was, and we loved him. He was that guy people wanted around because he radiated such light, laughter and love everywhere he went. While he expected a big celebration on his own birthday he was also generous to others being the first person to give you a card and gift on your special day. He had a penchant for a particular strawberry shortcake made in Philadelphia and brought me one as an early birthday surprise on a flight. I still remember blowing out the candles and licking the whip cream off the plate!

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One year I was really sick for a few weeks and ran out of EVERYTHING! He just arrived from a long flight when I text him with a laundry list of things I needed and he sarcastically replied “what do you think I am, CVS?” Nevertheless a little later he showed up at my apartment with everything I’d asked for plus a few other items he thought I’d need. We spent countless hours on the phone both watching Golden Girls and talking about nothing in particular loving every moment of it. Teddy was incredibly charismatic and his catch phrases are still being used by those who knew him. He was the guy who could get away saying things that might upset people but somehow presented it in a way that had them eating out of the palm of his hand. Teddy wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes, as we all do and could be snarky at times but he loved his friends and family like no one else. He truly wanted to grow as a human and would be the first person to support you during a tough time. Life hadn’t always been kind to him but he still found it important to give back. He started volunteering at a battered women’s shelter and helped organize Toy’s For Tot’s donations at work. 

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There are some things that inherently remind me of him. I’ll never be able to listen to Jill Scott without thinking of Teddy and he wouldn’t want it any other way haha. I also credit him as one of the main reasons I’m living in San Francisco today, having encouraged me to look into other opportunities and take them when they arrived. I know he would have supported my blogventure since we spent countless hours discussing all things fashionable. He’d consider this post to him an “obvious” choice on his birthday being thrilled by the attention. Teddy had superb style and swagger but it wasn’t limited to the way he dressed or how he designed his living space. His style carried through to the way he lived his life, how he treated people and made them feel. He was a gem, a diamond and there will never be another quite like him. I will laugh, cry and continue to miss my best friend but he survives in the hearts and minds of all who loved him.

Happy Birthday Teddy! I love and miss you like crazy…. Yes, I’m “a Wreck!” 😉



    10 responses to “Style Remembered”

    1. Diana Marks says:

      He seems like a very nice guy. I wish I knew him too…
      Happy Birthday, Teddy..

      LA By Diana Live Magazine

    2. Jenny says:

      What a beautiful tribute to someone who was obviously so important to you. I’ve be extremely lucky and have not suffered a loss like that, so I can only imagine how difficult it must be to lose someone that means so much to you, especially at such a young age. I’m sure he would be so honoured and touched to read what you wrote about him.

      xo Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thank you Jenny! Yes, it’s been really difficult but some days are harder than others. I hate not being able to talk to him but I think he would appreciate the post. He loved attention and that makes me smile.

    3. Chelsea says:

      Sounds like a truly amazing and wonderful friend! I am so sorry that he was taken from you and the rest of his friends and family too soon. Only the good die young!


    4. Beautiful post remembering him!

    5. Happy birthday to Teddy! Sounds like he was a great friend, and this is such a lovely, clearly heartfelt way to remember him.

    6. I’m so sorry for your loss – it seems like you had a wonderful friendship, and we never really do fully recover from those losses. Beautiful post remembering him on his birthday, and thanks for sharing some of his special qualities with us too 🙂

    7. Ani says:

      This is such a touching tribute. I am so sorry for your loos. He seemed to be very special to you and I bet he smiled from up above reading this and is so proud of having had you as a friend:-)

      <3 ani

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