Stripe Cast

We are all creatures of habit at times. Of course it’s much easier to recognize it in someone else than in ourselves. So this past week when a coworker pointed out I’d worn stripes 2 days in a row it caused a little internal hmmmmm. It was true of course. Recently I noticed, on occasion, I keep cozy to a color or pattern combo during my work week. It’s like once my brain wraps its tentacles around my Monday outfit I boycott other possibilities. In this instance it wasn’t intentional but there it was, glaring at me from my OOTD pics.

20130415 092236  Stripe Cast20130415 092141  Stripe CastYou can prevent this styling “step and repeat” by settling on a look the night before but if things are chaotic (please see my picture in the dictionary), your brain may be waving the white flag for a time out. Following recent patterns can become the order of the day which is how I ended up in a weeks worth of stripes. Normally I like to vary my looks whenever possible but my work attire is a little more curated. Obviously there’s a certain dress code but beyond that I’m always cold so I favor pants and long sleeves. If I’m going to be waking around a lot then I prefer flats or a mid heel (which are very trendy right now. YEAH!).

20130415 092222  Stripe Cast20130415 092152  Stripe CastI’ll do my best not to wear stripes this week. Not because I’m giving them up. No, no, no. That will never happen because I’m a firm believer in their awesomeness (and a closet staple(ness;)). They do however, deserve a break for working overtime last week. Since these pics were quickly taken with my iphone I know they’re not the best but that doesn’t mean they should go to waste! Just in case you have a hectic week ahead and need some ideas I thought I’d share my stripes gone wild week plus a few more from various days. Stripes not your thing? No problem. Pick a color, pattern or other detailed theme for the week to make your life easier.

20130415 092203  Stripe Cast20130415 092118  Stripe Cast

So whether it’s this week or one far, far away you may find yourself needing to take a brain break. When that happens, listen to your talking head; Plan a Stripe Cast so you can concentrate on your other needs. I promise your closet will understand.

20130415 092129  Stripe Cast20130415 092019  Stripe Cast



    5 responses to “Stripe Cast”

    1. This is hilarious! We get into ruts too but don’t always have the proof like this! Good luck switching it up this week.

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    2. Bill says:

      That’s a heap of stripes kiddo! I know you live close to Alcatraz but that’s really pushing the fashion envelope. LOL.

    3. Aimée says:

      I adore this post. It’s so cute how you took pics at the same angle. All your stripes… FAB!

    4. Oh haven’t we all fallen into fashion ruts. If you know what works though, work it! Besides, who doesn’t love stripes? 😉

      Great meeting you at Lucky FABB!

    5. If something ain’t broke! 🙂 Particularly love the ruffle striped top paired with the animal print trousers!!

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