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Salutations, my fashionable friends! Just wanted to do a quick post and let you know why it’s been so silent here the last few days. So, ummmm, yeah… I ummmm,… well I got engaged! That’s right! Looks like I’m planning on being Mrs. T in 2014! The beautiful ring seen below is actually one I inherited  from my grandmother. It’s extraordinarily special to me since that’s exactly the way I felt about her. However, Mr. T & I are looking for an additional bauble to call my own. I’ve wanted a vintage engagement ring for as long as I can remember but it takes time to find the right one. Once found, I’ll most likely alternate between them both depending on the day or occasion. 

ring 960x960  Status Update

Saturday night I jumped a flight home for some fast and furious wedding planning with mom. And by that I mean trying to actually choose a wedding planner. We’ll be getting married in Charleston, SC and we need to decide on a wedding planner ASAP so all the fun can begin! Planning any event long distance is a challenge so having someone as our guide who’s local will be a must if we want to keep our sanity.

Wedding Planning 960x960  Status Updatewedding dress1 e1370926355843 746x1000  Status UpdateThis is a quick pic of what I wore while trying on dresses Sunday. There wasn’t time for an outfit post but I put on something comfortable and hoped for the best. After working Saturday and not getting any sleep on the red eye I wasn’t looking that cute,… but the cats on this dress were!Our venue and date are set but while I’m here the madre and I are doing a little dress discovery too. We wanted to cover the “home” territory (Charleston & Charlotte) before deciding to go elsewhere. And let me just tell you Charleston has a killer selection…. More on that later. 

wedding dress 960x960  Status UpdateIMG 3825 960x640  Status Update

 I’ll be continuing on the travel train with mom for the next 48 hrs and then it’s back to San Francisco and work on Thursday. My brain will probably resemble swiss cheese but I’ll do my best to get an outfit post up then. In the meantime here’s a little sneak peek. And if you have any wedding planning tips please pass them along! I’d love to hear anything you’d have to say :)





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    1. Congrats my love! So excited for you and your fiance!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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    3. Jen says:

      Congratulations, Nicole! So happy for you. Now all the fun stuff starts – wedding shopping!



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    5. I saw your post on instagram but I’ve been so behind on blogging so I wanted to make sure I commented on this amazing news!!! And I know you’ll find a super great vintage ring but your grandmother’s is pretty damn amazing!!!
      Nikki at

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