Sneaky Neon

Hi Kiddies! I hope your day is going swell! I have busy one ahead and don’t have time to do a full post but I didn’t forget about you! A week or so ago I was planning on wearing these orange neon shorts that are awesome! I asked via Instagram & Facebook  how other people would style these shorts. I think this color is actually quite versatile but not everyone agrees. Well it just so happens that Friday’s upcoming style challenge is ALSO neon! SO I’m gonna give you 2 neon narratives on Thursday and Friday. One tomorrow that’s cute/casual and the style challenge one that’s still in progress. In the meantime here’s a little sneak peek of tomorrows Bright Spot. As you see in these pictures the shorts look different in different light. They appear almost yellowish in the second pic but I assure they’re orange. If I didn’t hear from you about how’d you’d style these shorts then let me know. I’d love to hear how you would make these work for you. Until tomorrow!


Nicphoto 48 960x960  Sneaky Neon




IMG 24361 960x997  Sneaky Neon

    8 responses to “Sneaky Neon”

    1. Carlina says:

      Oh the style challenge this week is neon?! Ah hadn’t heard yet! Love these, they look like a pair of J. Crew I own!

      x Carlina
      Have you entered my giveaway yet? Twin Gold Cuffs up for grabs!!- more arm parties for you!

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Carlina!

        Yeah! I saw a tweet about it. I hope you’re joining! They are J.Crew. Maybe be can do a post together on them another time they way we’d each style them 🙂

        Thanks for the heads up about your giveaway! I’m stoked and going to enter right now!!


    2. Chelsea says:

      Neon is the new neutral! Love these shorts!

    3. Shin says:

      Awesome shorts! I really love bright shorts for summer!

    4. Adiel says:

      That’s so funny! I’m wearing those shorts right now!

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