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I hope you’re all doing well. Anyone gotten sick lately? As much as I’m trying to give this bug the heave ho it seems to be settling into my system. I was doing rather well but I may have reached the point where I’m becoming miserable and crotchety.  I hate getting sick around the holidays because…. well it just sucks. There is no getting around that description. SF has also been unseasonably cold the last few days which just makes me want to bathe in hot chocolate and cozy up to a book by the fire. Granted my fireplace doesn’t work, but if it did that’s where you’d find me haha. I figured all of my whiny little complaints add up to a great reason for sharing some Playa del Carmen photos. I went for a quick trip last week with my friend Whitley from the Queen City Style. She is amazing and we had a blast! I’ll probably be dreaming of the beach as I snooze away while breathing out of one nostril (if allowed). Maybe these pictures will keep your thoughts warm on chilly Winter days but if nothing else I hope they give you a laugh. Enjoy the tomfoolry 😉

P1010290 960x610  Siesta

All bathroom signs should deliver with a view like this! It’s was like finding a secret garden and I became 5 yrs old again.

P1010513 750x1000  Siesta

Getting sand in places it doesn’t belong.

nw6 960x960  SiestaA giant Christmas tree, posing for a picture being sent to mom & the BEST Cuban band.

P1010492 960x658  SiestaThe most adorable sign for a local swimwear boutique. Unfortunately didn’t make it there but definitely will next time!

P1010329 856x1000  Siesta

This was found in the “secret garden”. Do I match her serene sensibility?

P1010305 960x720  Siesta

I have no idea what inspired this moment other than to say no one was around. I hadn’t done a back bend in years but it’s nice to know I still can!

P1010540 909x1000  Siesta

What happens when you’re walking out of the water getting your picture taken. Does it look like I’m missing anything?

P1010486 750x1000  Siesta

Dancing… and laughing. Mostly laughing.

nw7 960x960  SiestaA mix of dinner, the secret garden and beach time.

nw1 960x717  Siesta

I ran while I was there and found this little amphitheater in a city park.

nw8 960x717  Siesta

Pretending to be glamorous. 

P1010364 960x720  Siesta

Some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen. It was as if someone painted the sky.

P1010362 960x720  Siesta

Girls being girls.



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    1. Jenny says:

      Aww, you two are adorable!!! Great pics, and so glad you had a wonderful time! Hope you feel better soon Nic! 🙂

      xo Jenny

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