Show Me Your Meatballs

Hi Kiddies,

Are you having a good week? Any good eats? Don’t you love it when you’re chatting with a friend, having a nosh and you have no choice but to pause, sigh and savor the bite you just had? I’ve been lucky to live in cities with some serious food scenes and I love finding new places to check out when I’m traveling. That being said I can’t take credit for discovering the place I’m about to mention. When I was in New York attending IFBCON & Lucky FABB I also took some time to visit with friends and family. I almost changed 3 times before I left my cousins apartment but since I hadn’t had coffee or much sleep for that matter I ended up in jeans. I think I’ve gotten so used to SF weather I don’t remember what hot feels like anymore. For a girl who doesn’t sweat much this image was running through my mind while walking over to meet my friend. 

P1000885 960x798  Show Me Your MeatballsP1000867 960x720  Show Me Your Meatballs

My friend Sean is a native New Yorker and we met up in The Village the day after Fashion’s Night Out. He had a late gig the night before (he’s a DJ) yet I was the one that overslept. Sorry Sean! I guess fashion takes a lot out of you… This guy is one of the best humans I’ve ever met. Seriously. He’s a solid dude and I love listening to his music along with his New York accent! Sean’s a vegetarian so you can imagine the look on my face when he suggested we go to The Meatball Shop. I should have trusted…

meat2 960x960  Show Me Your MeatballsP1000849 750x1000  Show Me Your MeatballsAdmittedly our first need was for air conditioning. You heard me say it was hot, right? A yumminess factor was next on the list of needs. I started with an iced coffee (which was quite a tasty I must say) hoping it’d help me read the menu, not to mention carry on a conversation. I was a little confused at first but basically you can pair up anything you want with your Balls. Yep. That’s right. You choose your Balls (beef, pork, chicken, veggie or special) and then a sandwich, side, salads etc… Not only that but you get to mark what you want on the menu with a dry erase marker. Kinda love that, right?! Sean went with a veggie meatball sandwich but I chose ratatouille and chicken meatballs in a classic tomato sauce. I’d go back to this place tomorrow if I could. This stuff was seriously good.

P1000888 960x918  Show Me Your MeatballsP1000851 960x720  Show Me Your Meatballsmeat1 960x960  Show Me Your MeatballsWhile I WAS a little hot I think what I wore fit in with the theme of the day perfectly. Old friends, NYC and meatballs are experiences from of my past. They also happen to be things I never tire of and would like to have more of in my life. This look has a slightly retro feel to it with the tied shirt, skinny jeans and pointy toe shoes. However it’s updated by details like the zippers on the jeans, my bag, and jewelry. Isn’t this necklace great? I found it on a random shopping trip and it was the only piece I bought that day. Throwing my hair in a ponytail was really the only option due to the heat but it works with the look. What do you think of this combination. Are you feeling the retro vibe? Let me know how you’d style this shirt for a more modern look.

P1000879 960x877  Show Me Your Meatballs

I had a great time with Sean, The Meatball Shop, NYC and EVEN the heat. We never see heat in San Francisco so I appreciate the sweltering experience. I didn’t get enough time with my friend Sean or my OTHER friend NYC so hopefully I’ll be back soon. If you’re in the city check out Sean, aka DJ Concerned when he’s DJing and show him some love from me. Before you go grab yourself some Balls and you’ll be ready for whatever the city has in store.



Jeggings – Zara

Top – Must HAVE

Shoes – J.Crew

Bag – Reiss

Necklace – Nordstrom

Right hand bracelets – Forever21, JCrew & Safira

Right hand rings – raided from mom & Jewelmint

Left hand bracelets – Swarvoski, Forever 21, raided & gifted from mom

Left hand rings – raided from mom & Darling boutique

Watch – Sekio

Glasses – Target




    4 responses to “Show Me Your Meatballs”

    1. Meredith says:

      Looks fabulous! I love that bag!

    2. You crack me up… For a girl who changed three times, you, of course, look so hip. You would look hip, though, in a paper back. Very cool my dear. Happy Weekend! xx

    3. Jenny says:

      Ha ha, well the outfit you finally chose is definitely perfect for NYC. Such a “cool girl” look. The Meatball Shop sounds and looks delicious. I’m half Italian, so a good meatball melts my heart. 🙂 That will definitely be a must visit next time I’m in NY.

      xo Jenny

    4. Malsert says:

      Love this look!

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