Short Story Part 1

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Hi Kiddies!

How was your day? It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco today. Every now and again the city throws us a bone so we don’t all move away in a fit of disgust stomping our feet like five year old’s. This is frustrating because figuring out what to wear can be a bit challenging at times. I don’t really miss the humidity back home and I ESPECIALLY don’t miss the roaches! They’re GINORMOUS… You could probably saddle one up to ride around town if you wanted. Gross!!!! Anyhoo, one thing I do miss is the seasons because you can plan your wardrobe a little better and I was prepared for plain ole hot!

In this post we’re revisiting Charleston for a two part Short Story. This is a very casual shorts look and tomorrow I’ll show you how I wore shorts dressed up for a night out. Originally we should have arrived there by lunch time but I had to get my teeth cleaned at my dad’s office. Yes, he’s a dentist so I get my check up’s and cleaning done when I’m home. A chat with my dad turned into a detour to the orthodontists office for a consultation, x-rays and impressions. It was really kind of them to see me last minute and it’s possible there may be more dental surgery and Invisalign in my future. Braces on 30 something’s are hot right?! As I was updating my Facebook status that day regarding this possibility Mr. T remarked that Charleston somehow looked like a dentists’s office heh heh.

We finally made it there and spent hours walking around the city. So much walking in fact that my sandals gave me blisters so at one point I was barefoot… slightly gross, yes. It was warm, with a nice breeze however the humidity grabed a hold of my hair and didn’t let go. My hair takes on the form of a lions mane and I start to frighten children. Leo is my astrological sign so I suppose it’s slightly befitting. My outfit was super casual and the shirt is gauzy so it allowed my skin to breathe as I turned into a salty, stinky, sun screened lioness mess. The shorts are fairly basic but I love the color and I paired them with brown sandals and a belt because I think black would have been too “heavy” looking. The bag is on the small side so it’s great for walking around while toughening up the look just enough. Plus I was loving my retro glasses and mostly gold toned colorful jewelry.  What do you like to wear when you’re sightseeing in the heat and humidity? Do you like this color combination? How would you pair the shorts or shirt differently?

The funny picks of the day are the last two. In the first I was just being a smartass… typical. The second is where you get to see my lioness like mane in “glorious” action. A breeze came through and BAM… full on cat attack. Jealous? I thought not… 😉




Shirt and shorts – Target

Belt – H&M

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

Sandals – Ralph Lauren

Glasses – Charlotte Russe

Watch – Seiko 

Necklace – Banana Republic

Bangles – Forever 21 

Pyramid bracelet – J Crew

Earrings – ?

Round gold ring – (Jewelmint), Triangular – (raided from mom), Square silver (Mexico)


    4 responses to “Short Story Part 1”

    1. Bill says:

      Like your stories kiddo! Luv. b

    2. Jenny says:

      Charleston looks so beautiful and historic!

      Love your casual outfit. Looks great! I have those same Forever 21 bracelets!

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Jenny!

        It’s a truly lovely city and brimming with history. Thanks for the compliment and reaching out! The bracelets are great, aren’t they? Really versatile. I checked out your blog and it’s great! Easily navigable and clean (mine could use some help but it’s a work in progress). Loving all your shoes and bags! I’ve added you on Pinterest, Bloglovin and Facebook. Let’s keep in touch 🙂


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