Who Am I?

Hi there stinker pie! In case you’re wondering, that moniker imparts love. I can’t wait to know you better but in the meantime here’s a little info on yours truly. I’m originally from South Carolina but my mother’s family is French and she grew up in Algeria. For me understanding heritage is important since I think it can influence how you view and connect with the world. I live with my husband in San Francisco these days, but for many years I called Philadelphia home. I enjoy time with my family & friends, reading, and traveling. I’m also passionate about music & dancing but generally one eye is always focused on something style related.

My sense of humor is sarcastic and I don’t have any problem poking fun at myself. Make me laugh and I’ll want to spend all day with you. Do it while looking amazing and I may move in. Nevertheless, I also know there’s a time and a place for everything and most people who know me would probably tell you I have a pretty good “edit” button. As much as I love to laugh, I don’t like knowing I’ve hurt someones feelings so I’ll take this opportunity to apologize in advance in case… Hug?

I decided to start this blog as a creative outlet for myself. I’ve always enjoyed fashion, art and creativity in all forms and I’m lucky to have had some pretty stylish women in my life as roles models, past and present. A fashion trend may not always fit into my life or reality but I think differences are what make the world a special place. Fashion can transport us back in time to when playing dress up was king! It should also make you feel like a better version of yourself and let your personality shine through. Manners and Moxie describes my outlook and personality but it’s not just about me. I hope you’ll teach me how fashion works in your life and how it inspires you!



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