Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink. Yes, I love the movie. Do you remember it? Am I dating myself? I’ll try to dust off the cobwebs. Cobwebs or no, it’s a damn good movie and there’s something to that whole pretty in pink saying. It really IS a flattering color, making people appear fresh with a bright, rosy glow. Not only that, but people perceive you as approachable, kind and nurturing. Have you ever considered the psychology of pink?IMG 8137 666x1000  Pretty in Pink

IMG 8197 666x1000  Pretty in Pink

It’s the rare gal who’s not into pink; most of us love it but that doesn’t mean I want to walk around resembling bubble gum. Whether we’re naturally drawn to it or it’s a nurtured fondness, I’m not sure but either way, it’s there. Are you a champion of pink? If not, what is your favorite color? Personally I’m a more of a red girl, or pink hues with a punch. That’s not to say I don’t like pastels but I try to balance them with a little toughness so they don’t come across as too sweet.

IMG 8139 666x1000  Pretty in PinkIMG 8190 960x960  Pretty in PinkIMG 8180 666x1000  Pretty in Pink

So imagine my happiness at finding a colorful scarf that does all the combo work for me! Flashes of neon and subtler pink shades mix with burgundies, mustard and cream. It has the ability to brighten up an otherwise basic outfit like this in 2 seconds flat. Add other details like burgundy suede booties, pink sunnies and a bold pink lip to make things POP!

IMG 8165 666x1000  Pretty in PinkIMG 8152 666x1000  Pretty in Pink

The end result being plenty of pink details while still feeling urban and chic. It just goes to prove you can’t judge a color by its… actually I don’t know how to finish that statement but I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying. Do you have a statement scarf like this that you wear to upgrade your look? This one definitely  had me feeling pretty in pink.




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    1. I would love to raid your sunglasses collection someday. YOU HAVE THE BEST SUNNIES, ALWAYS! #JUSTSAYIN

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