Prepared For Anything

IMG 2200 750x1000  Prepared For AnythingDiptic1 960x960  Prepared For AnythingIMG 2221 960x720  Prepared For AnythingDiptic2 960x960  Prepared For AnythingIMG 2333 960x984  Prepared For AnythingDiptic3 960x960  Prepared For AnythingIMG 2352 750x1000  Prepared For AnythingIMG 23602 633x1000  Prepared For AnythingHi Kiddies!

Well I got my car back! She has been duct taped back together for a few more months of jolly good joy rides and such. Actually on the way home she was driving pretty well but we shall see how long that lasts. I think it’s the uncertainty that bothers me, especially when it comes to having wheels. Otherwise I’m not really a “planner” by nature, but I don’t want to be totally unprepared either. Somewhere is the middle you will find my happy place… along with jewelry, handbags, gummy bears and sunshine haha. I like seeing where the world takes us and I think if you have everything too planned out then you may miss opportunities and individual growth which is part of what makes life so special! Of course no one wants life to suck… duh, but you’ll never watch a movie rooting for the heroine when her life is purely perfect… snoozefest, just sayin. So I’ll try to prepare myself, roll the dice and run headfirst into the storm… abet with a helmet 😉

As I prattle on this leads me to today’s post. I’m sharing a 2 for 1 with you today because I think this is a great day to night choice and is actually a great look for lots of occasions, whatever the world has in store for you. Since tomorrow is Friday and many of you may go out directly from work this may be a great option and something that’s a little different. I wore this to the office with the sweater and belt to provide some structure but I wanted to kept the sweater print and belt color fun. This way you’re all covered up but can still convey a relaxed feel. You’d think I was approachable, right? My hair is up to keep it more professional but allows the earrings to be seen which play well with the belt and I kept the necklace rather delicate. After work you are all set for a dinner, garden party, rooftop cocktails or just meeting up with friends. Just switch out the purse, remove the belt/sweater and you’re good to go! I let my hair down too but do whatever works for you! These sandals are great too because they’re comfortable for all day wear, no matter where you end up!

Are day to night looks convenient for your life? Do you like this combination? Could or would you wear this to work any day of the week or maybe only on a more casual day? Mr. T and I took these photo’s in our back yard because it was such a beautiful day. This dress is fun to “play” in and I think every woman should have a dress that makes them want to twirl around like a little girl! I happened to look up while taking the pictures to see we had lemon and lime trees… Who knew?! Just a small daily surprise but I’ll take that over more car problems. For now I’ll give my personal growth a break and appreciate the growth of my lemon trees instead 😉



Dress – Gap

Sweater & pink/gold ring – Banana Republic

Belt – Ann Taylor

Shoes- Nine West

Daytime bag  – Foley & Corinna

Clutch – Urban Expressions (via Ambiance boutique in SF)

Necklace – Gorjana

Watch – Invitca

Bracelets – Mesh one (H&M), Orange one (J.Crew)

Rings – Sparkly and Brown/gold ones (Forever 21), Colorful dome one (raided from mom)

Glasses – Charlotte Russe

    6 responses to “Prepared For Anything”

    1. Carlina says:

      Hello there lady! I found your blog from Meghan’s style challenge- summer hats! I’m doing the challenge too! Well it’s nice to virtually meet you, Loooove your style and your jewelry collection!

      x carlina

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Carlina!

        Thanks so much! Yes, I have a thing for jewelry. It may not be classified as a “disease” but… 😉 I’m so happy to have linked up with you ladies and I’m looking forward to some more fun!. I added you on Bloglovin which I’m on as well. I’m also on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumbler and obv Twitter. If your on any of those lemme know so I can add you.


    2. Jenny says:

      What a fabulous dress! The color and cut look so pretty on you! Yes, working a 9 to 5 job, I’m always looking for pieces that can take me from day to night. I try to buy items that I can wear in at least 2 different ways and get lots of use out of. This dress is perfect for that.

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Jenny! I agree. Obviously when I (and I’m sure you too) buy something it’s because I like it and want to get a lot of use out of it. I was looking to change up a day to night look and this has a slight boho feel but not so much that it’d be inappropriate for work. Plus it’s comfortable for a long day 🙂

    3. LOVE the dress with the cardi, belt, and jewelry.

      So does this mean you don’t have to hang around waiting for cabs anymore? Because that sounded like a nightmare!

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Kate! This dress is so comfortable it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately there may still be cabs in my future… grrrrrr

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