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Hi Kiddies,

How goes it? I think San Francisco had its one week of warmth and now we are heading back into the gloom. Alright, well I might be exaggerating a bit but this week is supposed to be a rainy one for sure. What does that have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing. Sort of. However, it is the reason I wore this look a few weeks ago. There are very few days I’m not cold at work. Anyone else have that problem? I have a blanket at my desk. Yes, you heard that correctly. A blanket. On the rare days it’s warm outside it’s cold inside. WTF?! In a city that doesn’t even HAVE air conditioning I find this phenomenon stupid.

P1000495 960x719  Pink Punch

Feeling the need to be cozy more than anything else I wore this look to work one day when it was on the chilly side. Ever feel that way? Since I couldn’t wear a belted Snuggie a soft cashmere sweater was the next best bet (No, I don’t actually have a Snuggie. I think they’re rather heinous. Yet if no one would EVER, EVER, EVER find out I had one then I might entertain the idea… purely for warmth of course ;).

P1000464 960x720  Pink Punch

Feeling like a pants kinda day I chose these which you may have seen in this previous post. Since a brownish sweater and black pants (even cool ones) can be slightly snoozefest the print and studded detail on this Zara blouse add interest. While the print on the heels is different from the blouse being neutrals makes them easy to mix. It still needed something else eye catching and that’s where the Pink Punch comes in. While the necklace isn’t overwhelming it adds the necessary focal point that a look full of neutrals may need. I added another pop of pink in the bangles and just a little bit of sparkle to make me happy.

P1000461 960x720  Pink Punch

One of the things I like about this look is that it has a slight menswear feel and yet is decidedly feminine. What are your thoughts on style that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine? Do you think adding a pop of color can do that? Being drawn to a variety of styles I’m guided more by my mood more than anything. In this instance I was going for something that made me feel cozy at the office. What do you like to wear to work when you’re feeling the seasonal chill? Maybe a little Pink Punch will warm you up?

P1000415 750x1000  Pink Punch


Also make sure to head over to Real Girl Glam where I’m linking up with other bloggers for Real Girl Style. So many great styles in one place!



PS – I’m getting “big girl” DSLR camera so better photos coming soon to a blog near you 😉

Pants -H&M // Blouse – Zara // Sweater –  Hayden via Bluefly (on sale!)// Heels, sparkly bracelet  – J.Crew // Bag – Reiss // Necklace, gold bangles & black ring- Forever 21 // Pink & Neutral bangles – Loehmanns // Gold round ring – Jewelmint // Watch – Sekio // Other rings -gifted or raided from mom.

    6 responses to “Pink Punch”

    1. Love this outfit on you, of course… the shoes are the perfect mix, as is the splash of hot pink!!

    2. Kate says:

      Stopping by from RGG– I love the pops of color in this outfit! Gorgeous! Would you stop by my blog and follow? I’d follow you back!

      Kate @ A Journey in Style

    3. Val Verde says:

      love the look & agree snuggies r a DONT!!!


    4. Jennifer says:

      So I’ve been neglecting my Bloglovin’ for awhile but I’m back! I really like this look because its preppy but with a touch of girly at the same time! I’ve been doing the collared shirt and sweater combo at work and it really keeps me warm!


    5. Jenny says:

      Ha ha ha, I keep a blanket in my office too!! 🙂 I’ve used it at work each day for the last two weeks! Ha ha, if no one ever saw me, I would totally wear a snuggie too! 🙂 This outfit is FAR from boring! It’s so chic, and I LOVE all your accessories!

      xo Jenny

    6. Love the pop of color in your classy neutral outfit Nic and your smile, always so bright and gorgeous! 🙂

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