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What’s Your Personal Style?                                                                                                                                                                     **Partnered Post**

They say that money can’t buy style. However, you can certainly develop your own personal style by paying attention to your preferences in fashion, art and design. If you can pin point what your’re drawn to then it becomes easier to mix and match trends with classic, tried and true pieces. That way your personal style (and closet) can develop longevity but remain current. Sound like a difficult task? It’s easier than it may look and just takes the right kind of practice. For example learning to distinguish hyped up trends that are short lived versus something timeless and effortlessly chic. A small amount of knowledge can help you create a look that’s truly your own. Of course you can also check out the newest trends at sites like Opening Ceremony..

pers1pers2When starting a personal style journey begin it with a love of self. Knowing what you appreciate about your body vs what you find challenging will help when deciding what’s best suited for your body type. You don’t need to be model thin to wear anything and everything. Just figure out what works for you to make you feel comfortable and confident. How? By learning to highlight your best assets of course! For example, if you have a boxier figure, then maybe you’ll want to highlight your great legs. Or if you love your arms then wear something sleeveless. When trying out a new trend, find the best way to incorporate it into your life and know it may change depending on the trend. Is it a piece of clothing? Or maybe just an accessory? You decide.

pers0 e1363433988182  Personal StyleA wardrobe doesn’t just have to include the season’s newest pieces or designer items. Try mixing it up with something vintage from a thrift shop or your mom’s closet. Shopping and styling should be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable activity. Another relaxing activity is playing online games with Cheekybingo. With its fresh and vibrant community, you could meet new fashion minded friends and swap style tips and tricks. Looking closer at your style icons may also help you recognize your personal style. Can’t think of any? What about your favorite movies, music or celebrities!/ Each Spring and Fall much of the world watches the collections from designers and labels during New York Fashion Week. Paying close attention there will give you a leg up on what to except in stores the following season. If you haven’t already, consider creating a mood board or an inspiration wall to pin pictures and photos from which you can draw style inspiration. There are a number of ways to accomplish that and like me, you may start finding inspiration everywhere you look! Where do you find style inspiration? 

**Partnered Post

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