Party Every Day

What do you mean you have to save that “party dress” for well,… a party?! No siree, not in the Manners and Moxie world! It’s time to stop thinking of you can ONLY take fancier items for a night out or special event. Many of us spend a pretty penny on special occasion clothing. Why not get more bang for your buck?!

IMG 6289 960x640  Party Every DayIMG 6279 666x1000  Party Every DayIMG 6282 960x640  Party Every Day

This isn’t the fanciest of party dresses, but it was printed perfection for my bachelorette party down in Miami. You can’t tell here, but the straps sit off the shoulders offering a healthy dose of sexy. With some snazzy heels, a clutch and drop earrings I was ready for a night on the town. After serving me so well there I decided to take it for a daytime spin, with some subdued accessories. Add a casual jacket like denim, leather, or even a trench to make your night time looks more daylight friendly. Sequin skirt? Pair it with a t-shirt, trench and sleek running shoes. Get the idea?

IMG 6290 960x640  Party Every DayIMG 6266 666x1000  Party Every DayIMG 6297 666x1000  Party Every Day

This print stands out on its own so all my accessories are solids. A bucket bag and platform sandals provide a healthy dose of boho with this oversized jacket showing some 90’s love. Retro ombre sunnies? Threw those in too and voila; my Party Every Day look as arrived. So stop saving your “good stuff” for the nighttime and start shining in the daylight 😉




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    1. Dale Janee says:

      That dress is so adorable on you Nicole and I love that you paired it with the denim jacket. It’s definitely perfect for a party!! 🙂


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