Orange Is the New Black

“Orange Is the New Black”, have you seen the show? Are you hooked? I’m about to admit something others might find “unforgivable”… I’ve never seen a single episode. Try not to write me off just yet! It IS on my To Watch list but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. No matter if you’re in the have or have not group you’ve probably seen some quotation recently where “(insert blank) is the new black”. Here are few examples (one, two & three) just in case you’ve been living under that rock in your backyard. As you can see everyone is jumping on this bandwagon.

IMG 4939 724x1000  Orange Is the New BlackIMG 4941 666x1000  Orange Is the New Black

So when meeting friends for brunch a little while back, and blanking on what to wear, the show’s title came to mind (don’t bother asking why… I gave that up years ago ;). Hypothetically… (and somewhat sarcastically), if orange is the new black, then what is black? And what happens to orange and black when they’re worn together? Do they switch places? Is it like opposite day or something? Burning questions, yes, I know…  

IMG 4958 960x640  Orange Is the New BlackIMG 4938 960x640  Orange Is the New Black

Which ever way you choose to answer those questions it was enough of a personal style challenge to get me dressed and out the door. Black and orange is one of those color combos you don’t see people pairing unless they WANT to remind others of Halloween or possibly the San Francisco Giants. This lovely lace peplum top is actually more of a coral, red/orange but as with most tricky color combos I think the solution resides in the shade. Adding grey denim breaks up the contrast and softens the overall black and orange combo.

IMG 4966 960x640  Orange Is the New BlackIMG 4923 687x1000  Orange Is the New Black

Additional accessories like this necklace draw the eye upward and a neutral bag, like this brown one, will break up the color palette. Have you ever tried this color pairing before? Or another color combo you find particularly tricky? Oddly enough orange/red is my favorite color. Though I don’t think it’s the “new black”, I’ve decided Halloween doesn’t need to be their only date night 😉 





jeans – J Brand // peplum – Cynthia Rowley via T.J Maxx // blazer – Banana Republic // flats, bag  – J.Crew // necklace – Forever 21 // earrings – Thesis of Alexandria // rings – Jewelmint and Madewell // bracelets – Forever 21, J.Crew and Swarvoski // sunnies – Old Navy

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