Neon Times Two

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I hope you are having that fantastic kinda Friday where every light turns green, people just want to be near you, all your jams are hittin’ the radio and glitter is shooting from your grey matter. Grey or Gray… I never know. Either way that’s a damn good day!! Well this is gonna be a quickie post. It’s been a busy day and I have a few more things to get done before I meet up with a friend at DOSA for some banging Indian food. 

Today of course is style challenge Friday. Apparently I didn’t totally tank last weeks summer hat challenge because these gracious ladies let me join them again for some more fashion fun. I mentioned earlier in the week I’d be giving you a double dose of neon due to this weeks style challenge theme. Yesterday I showed you the orange neon shorts I wore when Mr.T and I went shopping at Room & Board when I was going for a casual classy look. So for today’s neon challenge I wanted to dress up a bit more…. it didn’t happen. Ever have one of those days where you hate everything and breathing annoys you? Yep, I had that going for a few hours yesterday and the dressed up look I wanted was just not happening. SO…. I went with a more downtown California cool vibe. I love this skirt but yes it IS tight and bright so to keep from looking like I was working the corner I kept things on top looser and rather basic. I added the boots for a more downtown feel and wore some chains and earrings that look a little worn. I didn’t want anything too shiny. However, I did wear bracelets that have hot pink threads running through them and I HAD to use one of my favorite bright handbags. The shape is so cool and has a little retro feel as do the glasses which I think pulls everything together. I included a funny pic for this look. It’s Friday after all so you deserve a good laugh. No, I’m not posing. I actually fell into the flowers. Yes, I know… I’m very graceful thank you. So what do you think of this look? Would you been seen with me or run away screaming? Let me know how you like to wear neon!

I’m off to get things done before dinner but don’t forget to check out these other ladies who are rocking neon for #stylechallenge Friday. So many fun ways to wear this bright beautiful style. Have great night!




Angie –

Meghan –

Rebecca –

Adiel –

Amanda –

Carlina –

Kate –

Jade –


Skirt, Denim shirt, Pyrimid bracelet – J.Crew

Grey Tshirt – James Perse

Boots – Dolce Vita

Glasses – Old Navy

Other Bracelets – Forever21 & Loehmann’s

Necklaces – ? Boutique in Philly &  my name necklace in Arabic

White rectangle ring (Jewelmint), Sparkle ring (Forever21) Others – Raided from Mom 

Bag – Urban Expressions  & Earrings  – unknown (Ambiance Boutique SF)




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    2. Jenny says:

      What a great outfit! You look so “cool”! Love that skirt and bag, and your accessories are fabulous!

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Jenny, although I assure you I’m only pretending to be cool ;)The skirt, bag and accessories however are very cool haha

    3. Rebecca says:

      Whoa. I need that bag! Love it!

    4. Okay, so maybe I missed this because I am subscribed via Bloglovin’, and I just missed it. This is so cute. Forgive me if this is loud and clear on your blog, but where are you? Judging pics, I am going to guess Northern West Coast? Seattle? Oregon? I could be WAY off. At any rate, awesome outfit(s)… just caught up on the last several I missed. Last question… what is the site or link up for this style challenge? Happy Weekend!

      • mam77 says:

        Hi lady! Haha it’s ok. Thanks!! It’s bound to happen. I follow you on Bloglovin too but like you I added an RSS feed. It’s been a little bugy so if you sign up for it and it’s not working let me know. I’m in San Francisco and took these pics down by the Marina where I used to live 🙂 The style challenge is through Meghan at . She’s the one that comes up with the weekly challenges. I added you on Pinterest and if you do a Pinterest stylechallenge search our outfits will come up. When we do the weekly challenge though we also put the links to the other challengers on our blogs… easy access and whatnot 😉

    5. Joy shana says:

      love ur bag,cute blog

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Joy! Thanks so much for the compliment and stopping by to check out my blog! I added you on a few things and I look forward to staying in touch 🙂


    6. Kailey says:

      I love these pictures – I can tell you had a fun time taking these photos! 😀

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Kailey!

        Thanks for stopping by… and yes I had a good time time taking these. It’s rare I don’t enjoy a photo shoot heh heh. I added you on Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter which I’m on as well so I look forward to keeping in touch 🙂


    7. Gorgeous outfit. I adore the skirt and shoes… really I adore everything.

      $100 Shopbop GIVEAWAY

    8. Love the two pastels together and that bag is so fab!! 🙂

    9. I love this look. I have some booties that are similar to these and I literally wear them ALL the time! :)I really like that clutch!!


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