My Boyfriend’s Back

IMG 3174 750x1000  My Boyfriend’s Backphoto 1 960x960  My Boyfriend’s BackIMG 3197 960x760  My Boyfriend’s BackIMG 3198 960x615  My Boyfriend’s BackIMG 3189 960x720  My Boyfriend’s BackIMG 3209 750x1000  My Boyfriend’s BackIMG 3217 750x1000  My Boyfriend’s Backphoto1 960x960  My Boyfriend’s BackHi Kiddies!

Welcome back to reality! I was making a list of all the things I need to do before I leave for Philly on Wednesday and I feel like I need an assistant. Anyone love running errands, paying bills, packing etc? Anyone at all? For some reason I only hear crickets but I’m not surprised since I’d be silent too. It’s doubly hard when my mind feels like relaxing and is already in Philly on vacation mode. Does anyone else hate packing for a trip? I always think it’s gonna take me about an hour and then four days later I still tying to decide how many pair of underwear I’ll need. Kinda ridiculous…

So these thoughts are what lead me to today’s look. I wore these boyfriend jeans over the weekend when I was feeling rather relaxed while hanging out with Mr. T. I’ve had these a while but it was originally quite a process to find the right pair of boyfriend jeans. Has anyone else struggled with finding the perfect pair in this style? Well once I put these babies on I knew I was in love! They are SO soft and comfortable which makes them perfect for lounging and I’m particularly fond of the roughed up patches. If you don’t have a pair of boyfriend jeans I highly recommend this style but take the time to find a pair that make you feel comfortable since they can vary widely. You can easily dress them up but here I was going for something more casual. I paired them with some long sleeve tee’s (hello SF summer weather) adding a pop of green underneath for color. The booties are casual & comfortable but with the wedge they’re slightly dressier. What do you think of this necklace? I really like the texture the mixed metal brings in addition to the animal print belt. For the bag I debated a bit at first and then decided to go with this clutch to give it slightly more feminine feel. What are your thoughts on “boyfriends”? Love em’ or leave em’? How do you like to wear yours and do you like this look?

So who has some good packing tips for me? I’ve done my fair bit of traveling but always appreciate any advice I can get! If you see some girl mumbling and cursing to herself about over packing again then you’ve probably found me. At least I’ll be able to take light weight clothes with me and you know what that means right?… More room for shoes… Whoo hoo!!! Well I know it’ll be too hot to wear these jeans in Philly but just like Mr. T my “boyfriends” will be here waiting for me when I get back to The Bay.



Jeans – Current/Elliott

Green T-shirt – J.Crew

Striped T-shirt – Gap

Belt – Target

Shoes – Dolce Vita

Necklace, owl ring – Forever21

Belle Du Jour Ring  (square lavender) – Jewelmint

Green & white snake ring  and earrings- Banana Republic

Watch – Sekio

Silver square ring – bought in Mexico

Glasses – Old Navy

Bag – Raided from Mom or Grandmother?

    17 responses to “My Boyfriend’s Back”

    1. Jenny says:

      I definitely feel like I need an assistant at times! Unfortunately, I don’t really have any great packing tips, but my suggestion would be to not over pack. I find that I usually don’t wear about half of the stuff I bring with me, so I’ve started to plan every outfit ahead of time and pack very lightly. It’s great because it leaves more room for shopping!

      Love this outfit! Great example of casual chic!

      <3 Jenny

    2. Sarah says:


      I love your shoes.

      In other news, if I were way nearer to you, I’d totally run around and do your errands. Having no job at the moment makes me almost wish I had a long list of things to get done!

    3. Shin says:

      Very cute outfit! I really like that you add subtle and chic accessories like the leopard belt! xoxoxoo

    4. Kim says:

      Always wishing for an assistant /fairy god-mother whenever we have to pack up. I love picking out outfits, but I’m constantly editing down. I just keep editing until I feel like I can just about lift my bags and then I stop. That’s my gauge!

      It’s gotten so much harder w a babe in tow so be happy your not at that stage yet.

      Love the bf jeans and your clutch. Always so styling.

      Enjoy your trip to philly. Eat a cheesesteak for me!

      • mam77 says:

        Hah! Thanks Kim! Yes being able to lift the bag is important. Summertime fashion helps in that sense too. So I hear (about the baby part)! Hopefully one day you can give me a little advice on that too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I always admire your atheistic and I can’t wait to grub in Philly!

    5. Love everything about this outfit. You really are so talented with pairing, mixing and matching. I love the necklace over the layered shirts, with the pop of green, combined with the boyfriend ripped jeans, animal print belt, and those shoes rock! Well done as ever!

    6. beauty tips says:

      Great and lovely outfit.Love your style and the ,the geans is looking so beautiful and cute in blue colour.

    7. Tattoos says:

      Fabulous and awesome. Gorgeous look…..

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