Do you feel it? It’s like someone lightly scratching the back of your neck, shoulder or some other equally annoying spot.  It’s that “I’m REALLY tired of winter weather. I’ve GOT to get into spring clothes, but it’s too cold outside” itch. The seasonal style transition can be tough and I end up wanting to wear a little bit of everything.

IMG 8393 960x571  MishmashIMG 8355 666x1000  Mishmash

There are a couple of ways around this “itch”. You COULD move here to San Francisco where we could hang out and complain about the weather being the same all year round 😉 Not interested? Well, luckily I have a few more suggestions.  Start mixing in some spring trends that don’t include you wearing a bathing suit. Try wearing more pastels, neon, florals… the list goes on. Start with one sping item or accessories like bags, shoes and sunglasses are also a great way transition.

IMG 8400 844x1000  MishmashIMG 8391 666x1000  Mishmash

But as much as I consider jumping into spring, I’m also not quite ready to give up my plaid, burgundy reds and suede booties. With this mishmash of ideas and a lack of definitive decisions I end up wearing this… and I’m actually pretty happy about it.  A sheer skirt gives me the little bit of spring flavor I needed. It’s lightweight and though I wear these sunnies year round they always remind me of warmer weather.

IMG 8382 666x1000  MishmashIMG 8359 749x1000  Mishmash

Nevertheless it’s still chilly out which means covering my toes, wearing flannel and throwing on a jacket so I don’t become a walking popsicle. A bold statement necklace gives this darker palette some girly sparkle along with a metallic bag and trendy jewelry to finish things off. Somehow I end up with a look that’s part hipster and prepster with a dash of 80’s influence on top. I get this look’s not for everyone but this is where I issue you a challenge. Try things on. Pair pieces together you wouldn’t normally think of and THEN tell me… What does YOUR mishmash look like?




skirt – T.J Maxx // shirt – Nordstrom Rack // booties – Vince Camuto // necklace – Ily Couture // bag – d’andrea handbags

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    1. Amanda Chic says:

      Love your skirt, so cool

      may be we can follow each other. please let me know

      Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

      A chic kiss 😉

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