Mint Condition

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful close out to 2013 and are excited for a fresh start. Like many people celebrating NYE I love a good party, but it’s not as important to me anymore. I’d much prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering with friends and family. Truth be told the most memorable New Year’s celebrations I had happened when I was a kid. My cousins and I would spend the night with our grandparents while enjoying a festive feast and setting off fireworks. Those are moments I cherish dearly and reminisce over as each year passes. 

IMG 7241 666x1000  Mint ConditionIMG 7238 960x640  Mint Condition

I apologize for not getting my year end blooper real recap to you. My computer battery died and I’ve been using Mr.T’s in the meantime. Unfortunately that means I don’t have access to all my photos from 2013. Between the 2 of us we’ve ordered 2 wrong computer cords. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Third time’s a charm? Maybe I’ll do a belated blooper post anyway. Interested?

IMG 7247 960x640  Mint ConditionIMG 7227 666x1000  Mint Condition

But I digress… I know this isn’t a typical New Year’s Day outfit post. No sparkle to be found anywhere, but that’s alright! Shot in NYC, this outfit was inspired by 90’s grunge, but with a slightly updated feel (I don’t remember wearing oxfords then). Do you revisit your former “glory” days through style too?

IMG 7246 960x640  Mint ConditionIMG 7253 666x1000  Mint Condition

Just like starting a new year, it’s always good to look back and incorporate elements of your style and personality into your future style adventures. Borrow from your past, but don’t be afraid to try out something new! I think the backdrop for these photos is very apropos for a fresh start. At the end of the year we’ve accumulated all sorts of “stuff”, much like this wall of graffiti. While I have a real penchant for graffiti, literal or otherwise, sometimes it’s nice to begin with a clean slate, hence this saturated green wall. I’m sure my virtual wall will be covered with all manner of things soon enough, but for now I’m going to enjoy its mint condition.




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