Maximum Effect

There will be some skirting around today’s conversation…. Corny enough? I thought so too, but I couldn’t help myself. Just like I couldn’t help myself when I found this maxi skirt and it was INDEED a find! Not in the way that it was on super sale (because it wasn’t expensive to begin with) but just that I found it all by it’s lonesome and thought it needed a good home… like mine!

IMG 1950 960x558  Maximum EffectIMG 1936 666x1000  Maximum Effect

This skirt’s been residing in my closet about a year; The only one to be found in the store. I’m guessing it was either a random return or just happened to be the last skirt standing.  Are you a maxi skirt maven? They’re fantastic but so far I only have a few. I’m rather picky selective about maxi’s so when I find one I like I scoop it up! Maxi skirts are great transitional pieces! Try layering one with tights (long johns in the Midwest?) boots and a sweater during the Winter. When it’s warm, be cool with a tank or t-shirt and sandals. They’re great for travel too so roll one up in your getaway bag on your next jaunt!

IMG 1973 883x1000  Maximum EffectIMG 1885 960x640  Maximum Effect

My affinity for prints and most things graphic is no secret. This skirt checks those boxes and at $15ish; a no brainer. It’s sheer so I wore a long slip here. Pairing the skirt with a pop of blue in this classic sweater keeps things simple and chic. A statement necklace brings it up a notch and makes this a great look for a party or date night. I kept the jewelry more minimal than usual but suede sandals and a clutch finish it off.

IMG 2023 960x640  Maximum EffectIMG 1967 666x1000  Maximum Effect

Do you like to wear maxi skirts? How would you style this one? I was attracted to this skirt because it’s different than other’s I’d seen. It’s also got the twirl factor and makes me feel a bit like floating when I walk. What’s your maximum effect? This is mine.

IMG 1922 960x744  Maximum EffectIMG 1959 666x1000  Maximum Effect



Sweater – J.Crew // Skirt – Forever 21  (love this one) // Sandals – Steve Madden (another option) // Necklace – NYC street vendor (love this one) // Rings – Banana Republic, Forever 21, raided from mom //Glasses – Old Navy ( splurge) // Clutch – Vintage. raided from mom

    4 responses to “Maximum Effect”

    1. Terry says:

      SOOOOOO in love! That skirt, those shoes, the sweater! <3


    2. Love, love, love. You look gorgeous. The skirt is fantastic. LOVE the shoes and the blue, and of course, the necklace. PS-You look gorgeous.

    3. […] vibe and living out in San Francisco has renforced my maxi crush. You may have seen this previous post when I was also in a maxi mood. Have you been digging on the maxi trend […]

    4. […] your day is what you decide to wear. That’s certainly how I was feeling the last time I wore this skirt. Now I look forward to styling the start of my day like an appetizer and finally getting to enjoy […]

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