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Today I bring you the best kind of treat! What’s that, you ask? A hearty laugh or chuckle of course! With the beginning of a New Year many bloggers have been posting recaps of their 2012 looks. I decided to dip my toe in this proverbial pond too but with a little twist that I hope to make annual. The Manners and Moxie twist is the photos seen here are my outtakes that never made it to the blog. I think it’s important not to take yourself too seriously or we risk becoming unreachable to both ourselves and others. So while we strive for perfection one of the best things about being human is our ability make mistakes. Let’s appreciate them! 

bloop7 960x960  Re-Editionbloop5 960x960  Re-Editionbloop1 960x960  Re-EditionThis compilation of photo’s is not a complete album of looks from 2012 and not even a list of favorites. However, they’re all photos where I was “caught in the act” of doing something that could easily be described as ridiculous or unflattering. Unfortunately, I know I erased some others thinking I’d never use them but going forward I’ll be sure to keep my trigger finger off the “trash” button.

bloop3 960x960  Re-Editionbloop8 960x960  Re-Editionbloop2 960x960  Re-EditionLooking through these photos I realize each one could be described by one of the 7 dwarfs. Actually I might need to replace Doc & Bashful with Distracted & Windblown dwarf but you get the idea hehe. Do you have a favorite outtake? Any thoughts on making my ridiculousness an annual post? Obviously I can’t speak for others but being able to laugh at myself is a good lesson in humility and helps keep me grounded. It’s been helpful in forging friendships and it connects us to the human experience that we share. So the next time things don’t work out perfectly that’s fine. Just laugh a little and enjoy the ride!

bloop6 960x960  Re-Editionbloop4 960x960  Re-EditionIMG_0703



    3 responses to “Re-Edition”

    1. Best post EVER. I hate myself for not keeping all of the pictures. Love all the pics you posted here… that crotch shot. hilarious girl. You couldn’t look bad if you tried!

    2. Chelsea says:

      Love these outtake pictures and your take on 2012’s recap 🙂 Cheers to 2013!!!

      Haute Child in the City

    3. A says:

      gorgeous images! Lovely smile 🙂
      great blog

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