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Do you ever find yourself wondering what we did without the Internet? Trying to remember what life was like before smartphones, apps and Facebook? Seems fuzzy right?! As with anything there are positives and negatives. I do wish I could be still more often, quiet my life and head space  However, once I’ve had enough quiet I’m raring to go again. Funny that. 

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Today I’m sharing some of my recent Instagram moments with you; Instalife as I refer to it. Thanks to another blogger friend Kate I finally decided to change my Instagram name. It was the only platform where I used a different user name. Thanks Kate! Instagram now has web profiles so even if you don’t use the app yourself you can still follow me. My addy is Do you use Instagram? Leave you handle in the comments section as I’d love to follow you back! Of course to follow me on other platforms just click the floating links on the sidebar to the right of your screen. Then you can “Like” & “Follow” me to your hearts content. Here are of my Instamoments in this Instalife: 

l5 960x960  Instalife

I voted in a neighbors garage this year. Am I the only one who finds that funny? 

l91 960x960  InstalifeThe weather here has been crappy all week. I was feeling comfy, cozy and rather equestrian in a few outfits this week.

 l2 e1353269638251  Instalife

DVF following me on Pinterest?! Pretty much made my week. I may throw a parade. 


l4 960x960  Instalife

So I have a thing for marshmallows. Love em’. I saw these at Target and I almost had a heart attack.


l1 960x960  Instalife

I’ve had a love affair with Deco since I was a child and read the Great Gatsby in high school. With a new version of the movie coming out and Deco’s reemergence in fashion it only appropriate for me to revisit this read.

 lyst  InstalifeLyst made a collection from last blog post. Whoo hoo! You can shop My Lyst by clicking the icon on the right sidebar.

l3 960x960  Instalife

Loving this Pearl Bow bracelet from Banana Republic and it’s a great price! Along with my fairy ring from J.Fein Designs they make any day a happy one. 


l7 960x960  Instalife

I was lucky to attend a private shopping event at J.Crew recently. Can you guess which lovely item “followed” me home?


Happy Instalife Sunday to you!



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    1. Eli says:

      Oh my I’ve been yearning to buy those giant marshmellows but my boyfriend is forbidding me to (because I’d eat the whole bag!).

      I also voted in a garage…so awkward! My postcard with polling information also said Your polling location is: garage

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