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Hi Kiddies!

I hope your day has been a good one! Unfortunately, I’m having some hiccups with my “favorite” car… Favorite, you ask? I say “favorite” because it’s the only one I have. Let’s just say if this was a bio page and my car was my boyfriend I’d be checking the “It’s complicated” box heh heh. I’m due for a newish one soon but need to wait a few more months and in the mean time this baby is working my last nerves! Don’t you hate spending money on something you know you’re not going to keep? That’d be like altering a cute dress just to give it away… Terrible idea! Well my “favorite” had to see the car doctor ASAP or I might have been seeing a doctor myself. In the meantime my rental choice was a SUV or Crown Vic… Seriously? I asked for something smaller, since parking in SF is a nightmare but they told me a smaller car would be more expensive. I couldn’t help but laugh because I think that’s an answer you’d only hear in San Francisco.

Since my “favorite” is on the brain I thought we might tackle fashion favorites too. Do you have a favorite color? Is that also the color you wear most or gravitate towards when buying a new item? It’s funny how that works. As a kid my favorite color was purple and green. I was always upset that M&M’s didn’t come in purple so green was my back up. My favorite color has changed over the years but it’s currently in the red/orange realm. Has yours changed too? I normally gravitate towards strong, bolder hues but these days I’m trying to rotate in more colors that I didn’t like as much when I was a kid. Today’s post centers around this very topic. Obviously I’m new to blogging but I’ve kinda decided to dive in head first. Smart or stupid?… The jury is still out. With that being said my girl Angie http://thehotnessyourmommawarnedyouabout.blogspot.com/ told me I should get involved with Bloggers Do It Better. It’s a style challenge series that’s presented and then bloggers submit/post their interpretation of the challenge. It’s real women sharing their personal point of view and styling the challenge in a way that works for them. It’s a great way to be creative, meet new people and play in your closet while testing your own fashion point of view. What’s not to love?! This time the challenge was mixing coral and mint. It wouldn’t have been on my “favorites” list when I was younger but admittedly I’ve been swayed. I would describe coral & mint as “sweet” so I wanted to balance them with more grounded/darker colors in the t-shirt I’m wearing. The same is true for the textures and individual pieces. The coral skirt is sequined and sexy but I liked the idea of pairing it with a darker t-shirt to keep the look chic and modern. The mint necklace you’ve seen before and I think it adds a nice lightness to the shirt. These shoes keep the bottom half light in color and the bag adds that je ne sais quoi. My jewelry is a mix of colors and metal but I think the pieces compliment one another.

Given a coral/mint challenge how would you style a look? Remember it’s your interpretation using those colors so there’s a wide range that allows your personal style to shine through. Mr. T originally thought the t-shirt was too casual but after taking the photos he said he’d still be seen in public with me heh heh. What do you think of my attempt at this challenge? Success? Fail? Somewhere in between? I ended up really liking this combination together but I’d love to know your thoughts. Maybe it will end up making my REAL  favorites list 😉




T-shirt – Urban Outfitters

Skirt, silver mesh bracelet – H&M

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Ambiance (SF boutique)

Orange bracelet, necklace – J.Crew

Watch – Seiko

Glasses – Charlotte Russe

Belle Du Jour ring (square/lavender) – Jewelmint

Other bracelets, earrings & rings- raided from Mom or bought at antique stores



    24 responses to “I’m Playing Favorites”

    1. Jenny says:

      What a fabulous outfit! That skirt is so pretty! I just love how you mixed these pieces!

      Sorry about your car! Mine is pretty old and causing me nothing but headaches. Almost time for a new one.

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks dear! Yeah I think it’s a great color and easy to wear. My car on the other hand is not as cute heh heh. I hope yours will hang in there a while longer too;)


    2. Whitney says:

      I LOVE your take on the challenge. The tee shirt is great and your accessories are spot on. I wanted those shoes, but alas they are sold out now. Hope your car troubles end soon.

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Katy,

        Thanks so much!!! Zara has the shoes in other colors if you’re up for a different combination plus they are surprisingly comfortable. I appreciate the good car vibes… Hopefully I can harness all the good energy


    3. Oh my! I seriously give this oufit a 10 in every way… for originality, swagger and style. That skirt is to die for… the accessories… your sunglasses are super chic. Gorgeous hair too! So glad to have found you via BDIB!!
      Best, Whitley @ the Queen City Style

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Whitley!

        Thanks so much for the compliment! I am loving your look as well! BDIB is great for connecting and so glad we’ve gotten in touch! I grew up in Columbia… right down the road haha

    4. Love how you paired the casual t with more dressy skirt and shoes.

    5. This is one of the cutest and my fave out of the challenge. I can’t believe you wore a shiny pencil skirt with a tee and you look so ahh-mazing! I would have never thought…Anyhow, I just love when I see something out of the box and so chic. Love your style and blog hun! xoxo

      • mam77 says:

        Hi KT!

        Thanks so much! I love a little something unexpected myself and this seemed to work. I’m so glad you found me with BDIB. I added all your accounts and I’m loving your blog too!

    6. Michelle says:

      That skirt is AMAZING! You look fabulous in this pairing!

    7. Val Verde says:

      Love this look! Such a great mix of pieces and the Zara shoes are my fav for the summer!



    8. Bill says:

      Mom likes the shoes…I can’t think of a word for them but after all, I’m from another world. LOL Bill

      PS Tell mom what went wrong with the buggy. Will it last till ’13 or do you bury it sooner?

    9. Bill says:

      I have been strongly corrected…Mom LOVES the shoes! b.

      • mam77 says:

        Haha. I LOVE the shoes too!. And I LOVE that you used LOL… haha which is just another reason to love YOU!! Car has been “duct taped” and will last a while longer. I’ll tell ya’ll about it next time we talk.

    10. Aw I totally know what you mean! My car has been on the slow ride to death for a while now but I just need to keep ole Goldilocks chugging for a few more months!

      I really love your sequined skirt! I love even more how you kept it casual with the tee.

      Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Take care!

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks so much! Yeah I wanted to keep it more wearable with the tee. As for the car I got it back yesterday and I think the duct tape will hold a little longer hehe. Hopefully yours does too 🙂

    11. Lindsay says:

      Love this look! I love that you dressed the skirt down with a tee-shirt. Very cool. Love all the accessories especially those amazing shoes!

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Lindsay,

        Thanks so much! I love finding new ways to wear an item. If you really like something it shouldn’t just be worn on special occasions, right?! 🙂 I’ve looked at our blog and it’s awesome. Make me your 32 follower 😉

    12. Chelsea says:

      Ohmygoodness there is nothing about this outfit that I don’t adore..the sequins, the french, the clutch!



      • mam77 says:

        Thanks so much Chelsea! I ended up really happy with this as well. Besides, everything SHOULD go with sequins, right?! 😉
        I appreciate you taking a peek at my attempt and I look forward to checking out your blog more too. I added you on Facebook, Bloglovin & Twitter if you want to connect further =)


    13. […] cute for her guys bday… And this sequin skirt was calling my name. Do you remember seeing it here? I wanted to balance the light color of the skirt with something dark but still keep it sexy. […]

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