Heel Homework

photo 471 960x960  Heel Homeworkphoto 431 960x960  Heel Homeworkphoto 421 960x960  Heel Homeworkphoto 441 960x960  Heel Homeworkphoto 461 960x960  Heel Homeworkphoto 451 663x1000  Heel HomeworkHi Kiddies!

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! I’m about to head out for a run and noticed I may be in need of some new running shoes. Apparently I’ve done a  good job of wearing these down and though you can’t see it I’m patting myself on the back right now. Looking at my running shoes reminded me I still haven’t shared my shoe excursion with you! For those of you who’ve been following along I mentioned I’d taken advantage of the sale at J.Crew last weekend. It’s rare that I buy their shoes unless they’re on sale. Since I’m SURE you’ve liked my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MannersAndMoxie and follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/MannersandMoxie you’ve seen the sale information I shared with you. If not, here’s your chance to be kept in the loop 😉 J.Crew was offering an additional 30% off its sale so I’m sure I would have been struck down in my tracks for not taking advantage of this shopportunity.

If I haven’t said it before I have stupid feet. Like most women I love shoes but I have such a hard time finding ones that fit! Do any of you have a difficult time with fit? My feet are narrow, especially my heals which tend to slip out all the time. My left foot is a half size larger AND I have collapsible arches meaning my feet sit below so many of the cute, strappy sandals out there. Do you like the platform heel trend? Me too but I have a hard time wearing them because my ankles have a tendency to turn on me. I once had a pair of beautiful Michael Kors wedges that I loved! Unfortunately I was walking in them and fell down… on a busy street… on a first date… twice!!! It’s alright to laugh, I’ll wait. That’s just an example of the shoe challenges I’ve had to face. So now you may understand when I find shoes that fit AND are on sale then please get outta my way before I tackle you.

Now enter the beautiful specimens shown above! The black suede wedges were the only pair available and originally cost $228. I found them for $69 with an additional 30% off. Try and tell me that’s not a good find! Here’s a little tip for you all. Sometimes the prices online aren’t the same as they are in the store. The snake print ankle strap shoes were listed as part of the sale online but in the store they were still listed at the original price. I inquired and it turned out the heels just hadn’t been marked down yet. The salesman came back again with even better news telling me they were even less expensive in the store! Originally they were $248 and listed as $179 online. In the store they were marked down to $129 with an additional 30% off! I was floored and even talked another shopper into buying a pair… I’m still waiting for my commission check hehe. My point here is to do your homework. Research online prices versus the cost in store before buying because you never know where you can get a better deal!

What do you think of my selections? Do you have  items in certain stores you’ll only buy on sale too? In the end I got these 4 pairs for approximately what I would’ve paid for one. Now THAT’S a deal worth doing a little homework for right?!



Shoes in order of picture:

Martina suede wedges in black

Collection LuLu snakeskin ballet flats in nutmeg

Seville wedge espadrille in modern red

Lara snake-print peep toe heels

    6 responses to “Heel Homework”

    1. KT says:

      What fabulous finds you have there! I always feel extremely excited (and a little guilty) when I come home with 3-4 pair of shoes, but it’s definitely a high when you find awesome shoes (that fit) for even better prices! I love all of your purchases, especially the black wedge! 🙂

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks KT! I feel a combination of guilt and excitement too but with these finds it was mostly excitement 😉

    2. Lulu says:

      Hey girl, so you really got four pairs? Well done for finding the deals! I actually got some pieces from this sales too, I love JCrew especially their sales. I even tried this red pair, really cute:)

      • mam77 says:

        Hi LuLu! Yes, 4 pair indeed but I they were all such a good prices I couldn’t put down any of them haha. I’m glad you took advantage of the sale too. It’s such a great deal when they add the extra 30% off!

    3. Virginia says:

      nice shoes!!!
      I just started following you on Bloglovin’!
      Like to follow back? It would be great, we can stay in contact!
      kisses from:

      • mam77 says:

        Hi Virgina!

        Great! Thanks so much for the follow and reaching out to me. I would love to follow along with your blog too. It so fun getting to know so many fashionable,interesting girls like yourself!


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