Happy Mother’s Day 2014

8 pounds, 8 ounces, 22 inches and born a FULL month late in the August heat of South Carolina. It’s possible I was making sure she was FULLY aware,… I was taking over ūüėČ Mom, Mother, Mama, Moooooooommmm… I’ve used multiple variations of that title, but she remains steadfast in her role. First I borrowed her body….

photo 7 960x720  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Then her lap…

photo 2 750x1000  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Next her purse….

photo 4 960x720  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Then added some sass for good measure…

photo 1 960x720  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Yet she never waivers. She claims this is due to the strong female¬†role models and¬†relationships in our family. My grandmother and great-grandmother were loving, supportive women that¬†were made of stronger stuff than I’ll ever purport to be. My mom has those characteristics in spades and like them, goes far beyond what’s required as a woman, friend, wife, role model and mother. She makes those choices every day, every moment, every second.

photo 8 960x720  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

I was blessed to have her standing next to me on my wedding day; loving me, teaching me, supporting me, helping me just as she alwasys has.

photo 11  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

When I was born she held my heart in her in her hands and whether it’s in her genes or by choice, she loved me enough to show me what to do with it. I’ll never be able to thank my mom enough for all the things she does but hopefully one day, I’ll share her innate gifts with my own children.¬†She is my teacher, my rock, my superwoman, my mother… and I love her SO.

photo 21  Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!




    One response to “Happy Mother’s Day 2014”

    1. Mary Jane Miller says:

      Nicole I am proud to have known and loved these women as well and also you.

      Love you,
      Mary Jane

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