Goat Herding Attire

Let’s imagine you travel to Canada. It’s cold. It’s somewhat rural, at least in this case, so what do you do? Check out Goats on Roof at the Old Country Market of course! And yes, it’s Goats On Roof, not Goats On A Roof though I’m not sure why. The goats seemed a little camera shy but I can promise you this place is quite quaint!

IMG 6536 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6531 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6580 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6564 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6562 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6545 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6633 960x640  Goat Herding Attire

Apparently it started out as a fruit stand and slowly morphed into a full on market. The original owners were from Norway, where many hillside homes have sod extending onto the roof; Itching for a little slice of home they decided to include that in their design. Legend has it that after noting how tall the grass had become, and maybe a few glasses of wine, they borrowed some goats to “mow” it. That was over 30 years ago and the goats have made their home there each spring – fall.

 IMG 6539 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6543 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6625 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6548 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6547 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6595 960x640  Goat Herding Attire

What does one wear to an old country market? Well, since my evening gown was at the cleaners I went with denim, plaid, stripes and ridding boots; opting for cute classics. A leather jacket and fun accessories topped things off during our day of fun. We really did enjoy ourselves! It was like one stop shopping and really reminded me more of a Pier One that has food…. and goat’s. heh heh.

IMG 6553 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6565 960x960  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6646 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6649 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6652 960x960  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6614 666x1000  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6538 960x640  Goat Herding AttireIMG 6583 666x1000  Goat Herding Attire

Afterwards we made our way to an English pub for dinner and drinks where I was a big dork and ordered a spinach salad. Mr. T laughed at me but I swear it was really good!!! I made a deal with myself because I was dreaming of the chocolate we’d bought at the market. If you make it up to Coombs, BC stop by the Old Country  Those goats are good salesmen. Just saying 😉




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    1. Love the story of the goats on the roof! This look is the perfect relaxed weekend outfit with a touch of glam jewels and accessories.

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