Go Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! A day that we celebrate freedom of expression in all forms, even fashion 😉 Of course I know that’s not what this day is REALLY about but it doesn’t hurt to look cute when standing up for a cause. Growing up in South Carolina and then later living in Philadelphia, I have a great affinity for our nations historic beginnings. I truly adore colonial architecture and love knowing there’s a story behind every person, place or thing.

photo 3 960x960  Go Fourth!

Hopefully you’re celebrating the day with family and friends or doing something you consider worthwhile. I’m working today, but someone has to, right;  At least that’s what I’m telling myself…

photo 4 960x960  Go Fourth!

I dressed for work this week with red, white & blue in mind. Though I would have donned a few casual looks to share I had to keep with the “office appropriate” crowd this time.

photo 960x960  Go Fourth!

Even though these looks were worn with a theme in mind they could easily transition for other occasions any week of the year. 

photo 2 960x960  Go Fourth!

Do you celebrate Independence Day “in style” too? For some reason I think that answer is a yes! If you need a few additional ideas, here’s an article from Lucky Magazine with a more casual vibe in mind. So whereever you are today get out and enjoy your life! Appreciate the who, what, & where that’s come before you and make life an exciting tale for the future to celebrate! 



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