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Who’s this dapper fella? If you saw this post then you know it’s my dear friend Brent who was recently visiting from Philadelphia. That’s where I was living before my move to SF and we met while working together years ago. Brent’s always had a classic sense of style and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make him my muse for the day while we explored the city.

IMG 6795 666x1000  Fresh & CleanIMG 6737 847x1000  Fresh & Clean

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for his look; that’s all him. Brent knows what he likes and he’ll pass up anything that doesn’t meet his standards, whether in life or style related. His strong internal compass is one of the many things I admire about him. Plus he’s kinda hilarious and the stylish part you can obviously see for yourself.    

IMG 6715 960x636  Fresh & CleanIMG 6719 960x640  Fresh & CleanIMG 6716 675x1000  Fresh & Clean

Don’t you think he should be modeling for Banana Republic already?! BR, do you hear me? You’re missing out! We actually stopped by the flagship store here in SF during his visit. It’s massive, in a great kind of way and I told Brent we may have to wear those retractable child cords so we wouldn’t lose one another.  

IMG 68581 666x1000  Fresh & CleanIMG 6916 666x1000  Fresh & Clean

So guys (and gals, if you know a guy that needs some help), take some cue’s from my friend Brent. Classics never go out of style, but he also does a great job of mixing in modern elements, like these jeans and sleek boots to keep his look fresh. And if you happen to be in Philadelphia stop and see him at Salon K.  He’ll have you looking Fresh & Clean in no time!



shirt & sweater – Banana Republic //  jeans – Big Star // boots –  Kenneth Cole // eyewear – Warby Parker // watch (similar) – vintage Rolex // haircut – Salon K, Philadelphia,PA //  bead bracelet – (Brent’s nephew, Nathan Chelkonas)

    2 responses to “Fresh & Clean”

    1. Eileen says:

      Looking HOT

    2. Val says:

      Love love love…guys have style too and love his look!


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