I love some skinny jeans, but sometimes a girl’s got to widen the circle of possibilities, or at least the jeans. These are not really bell bottoms per se, but more of what I’d call a “committed” boot cut. It’s good to change it up! There’s a smallish pile of boot cuts jeans in my closet that never seem to see the light, which only reminds me I need to do a little “spring” cleaning.

 IMG 3876 960x960  FlareIMG 3880 666x1000  Flare

Part of my beef with boot cut styles or bell bottom denim is the height factor; generally the taller you appear, the better they look. Nothing a good pair of platform heels shouldn’t help solve, except my ankles tend to roll.  Meaning I topple down, down, down to the ground, which suddenly, seems SOOOO much further away while wearing platforms.IMG 3920 960x640  FlareIMG 3905 960x960  Flare

However these jeans provide just enough height & flare while still being able to wear a normal heel. Yahtzee! So now you know why these make it to the top of that pile! What’s your favorite cut of denim? Are you currently taking a sabbatical from any particular style? I wore this to a friend’s birthday brunch and was inspired to create my version of a modern 70’s look. What’s do you think?

 IMG 3894 666x1000  Flare

I LOVE this rust colored sweater. Coppery tones are some of my favorite but offsetting them with bright, contrasting colors can be fun; like with my bag and shoes. Lightness is added by this white and black striped shirt and oversized sunnies pull it all together. In my opinion Flare is a good thing.





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