Feeling Mixed Up

I hope you’re having a happy style filled Saturday! It’s been quieter around here than I’d like but that whole thing called “Life” and planning a wedding is keeping me busy. The date is fast approaching (in 2 weeks) and in addition to other responsibilities that need attention, I haven’t been in a position to complete full sentences, MUCH LESS anything else. In an effort to share more and triage my “you have too much crap to do” life list, (poetic right?) you’ll probably see less writing from me in the coming weeks. This may or may not make you dance a jig, but it’s just an FYI in case you’re thinking I have laryngitis ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_43411IMG 43111 666x1000  Feeling Mixed Up

The outfit I’m sharing today was photographed at the beginning of last summer when I was shopping for my wedding dress. Notice the bangs were still short? I can’t believe time has passed so quickly and now the big day is right around the corner! I never posted these because I looked tired and my hair was bugging me… but I decided this morning I didn’t care about that anymore; so here they are! These were taken on a hot day with the smell of major print mixing was in the air ;). It works because the prints are similar in size and shape; one’s colorful and one’s not but that’s not a non-issue. For cohesion, add neutral accessories, like the brown one’s here.ย Are you willing to mix bold prints like this?ย 

IMG 43311 960x640  Feeling Mixed UpIMG 43361 666x1000  Feeling Mixed UpIMG 43091 666x1000  Feeling Mixed Up


If you’re gonna feel mixed up this is the way to do it! Now get out there and enjoy this weekend! I’m heading back to the wedding planning trenches. Wish me luck!





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    1. Sue Figueroa says:

      Loving this mix of prints! So colorful ๐Ÿ˜‰

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