Father’s Day

The men in my life are spectacular. I have a wonderful husband and in choosing him some credit must go to the men who’ve come before; steadfast, intelligent, handsome, entertaining, ethical, adventurous, tenacious, thoughtful, supportive, true, joyful, loving and SO much more. These men, these fathers of mine, these role models have given me a life filled with wonder. They’ve shared their own experiences with me; taught me life lessons, some of heartache, others of triumph and gave me building blocks to make my way in the world.

photo 31  Father’s Day

My dad taught me how to backpack and that the best meal you’ll ever taste comes after a long day’s hike looking out across the mountains. He’ll tell you “Can’t never did anything” and doing the RIGHT thing isn’t always the EASY thing. Some of my favorite morning memories were spent sitting in my dad’s lap watching football eating waffles. While my love of fancy footwork comes from both mom and dad, my love of performing for an audience is ALL him. I suppose I’m a proud Peacock card carrying member.

photo 21  Father’s Day

My Stepfather Bill is far beyond a “step” father. He’s been on team Nic since day one when I danced on his toes. Bill taught me pancakes and Disneyworld go hand in hand, that it’s way cooler to SAY you’ve fed dolphins than actually doing it (they’re rather stinky), and having a legal pad to keep track of everything, including your dating life, may be the smartest move ever. He’s also shown me family’s the most important thing and blood doesn’t determine who you call family.

photo 41  Father’s Day

Grandpa Clyde has shown me that intelligence can take you almost anywhere, that a random conversation may gift you a new best friend and a good story will always get you a seat at the table. My biological grandparents have passed but my mom’s dad taught me you can still be madly in love with your wife after 60 years and that a French accent is like having keys to the city. He showed us fireworks & family is the best way to spend New Year’s Eve and it’s possible to make a small piece of chocolate last into what seems like infinity. Sadly I never got to meet my dad’s father, but much like my French grandfather he was a charmer, jokester and self-made man. Plus I’ve always liked to sleep with one leg out of the covers just like him.

photo 51  Father’s Daydaddy 960x969  Father’s DayDaddy Gordon  Father’s Day

I could fill pages of memories and moments these men have created for me, most recently when they walked me down the aisle. That incredible day would not have been the same without them. While the big moments are important let’s not forget life is made up of small, sometimes quieter moments that turn fathers into heroes. Those are the moments I hold onto every day, the moments they get so much credit for, the ones that are so spectacular…  Just like they men they are.

photo 61  Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who make our lives spectacular!



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