Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia, Turkey is one of the most visually interesting places I’ve ever had the benefit to travel. The landscape is vast, outdoor activities abound, history is at your beck and call and the people are warm and welcoming. I think it’s safe to say we had a VERY good time. Fancying ourselves explorers, Mr. T and I took advantage of the nature right outside our cave hotel, yes I said CAVE HOTEL – not something you hear very oftenIf you travel to Cappadocia it’s a MUST DO and I HIGHLY recommend The Gamirasu Hotel, where we stayed. The hotel itself was completely charming, with all the little details attended to and the staff was at the ready to help answer questions and assist with our every wish. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Below are some photos I snapped on our afternoon excursion, including the Fairy Chimneys, which are both strange and spectacular. Basically it’s volcanic rock that has been worn away over time to create these magical shapes which leaves your mind smack dab in the center of “imagination land”.  There’s plenty more to come, but first, take a little peek outside our front door.



IMG 0788 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0796 685x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0806 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0803 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0807 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0812 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0814 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0850 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0853 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0860 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0862 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0864 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0865 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0883 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0836 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0895 960x640  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0891 667x1000  Fairy ChimneysIMG 0869 667x1000  Fairy Chimneys


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