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Are you all geared up for July 4th tomorrow? Vacation or staycation is usually the big decision to be made but most of you have probably decided by now. Last year Mr. T and I were in Napa over the holiday but this year we’ll be having a staycation instead. I have to work tomorrow but he’s a lucky guy and is off until next Monday. Since we don’t have any major plans though it’s not a big deal. For those following along our bookcases will be delivered this Friday so we’re thrilled to start taking down the fort… well maybe it’s just me but it’s still exciting! Plus it will give us a chance to do some necessary things around the house and explore the city a little bit. I think many of us take the great places we live for granted. A lot of people find a comfort zone and stay there or just never have enough time due to the demands of ordinary days. I can’t tell you how many lists we have of shops, restaurants, galleries, shows etc that we want to check out! Thankfully we’re not writing all this down on post it notes 😉

These photo’s were taken when I happened to be exploring our newish back yard recently. We haven’t lived in our flat very long and since San Francisco’s weather leaves much to be desired hanging in the backyard has been lower on the To Do list. So while many bloggers are purposefully showing red, white & blue looks/ideas/inspirations for the holiday this outfit wasn’t originally planned with that in mind. Nevertheless, I thought this may be a good time to share it with you anyway. It’s a pretty casual look and would be great for holiday parties, BBQ’s, shopping, family outings, drinks with friends etc. I love the maxi skirt look and this is made of such soft cotton jersey and it stays cool for those in normal summer climates. This burn out t-shirt is also a fave of mine whether it’s summer or not. Mr. T and I had fun exploring our backyard and I don’t think we realized how beautiful it was until we started “digging” around. 

These aren’t the best pictures ever but I think it’s one of those outfits that translates better in person than through a picture. Do you think this is something you could wear for you holiday plans or another occasion? Would you have paired this differently? It’s a simple look and is actually great for traveling too because you just roll it up and go! Hopefully the weather over the next few days in San Francisco will allow us to explore not just our backyard, new bookcases and boxes but lots of other bountiful offerings. Wherever you may be over the holiday I hope you enjoy yourself, remember to say a thank you to those who may have sacrificed a little more for this country than others and keep the exploring spirit of our founding “fathers” (and women!) in mind.

Happy Independence Day!




Skirt, necklace – J.Crew

Tshirt – Alternative Apparel

Shoes – Nine West

Bag – Foley & Corinna 

Watch – Invitca

Earrings – Gift from Mr. T

Big round gold ring – Jewelmint

All other bracelets/rings – Raided from Mom or gifts

Glasses – Charlotte Russe 

    20 responses to “Exploring”

    1. Shin says:

      Beautiful maxi skirt! I really like your white tshirt too!

    2. Jenny says:

      I think you look great! I hate when that happens…when your outfit looks better in person than in photos…I feel like that’s happened to me many times. I just love that skirt!

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Jenny!! I’ve never thought that about your pictures but i’s good to know I’m not the only one that thinks that haha.

    3. Sabrina says:

      My favourites here are the necklace and skirt. Then I looked down to see that they’re Jcrew finds. Ah, no wonder! I’m absolutely in love with everything they have!


      • mam77 says:

        Thanks so much Sabrina! Yes I probably have way too much J Crew but sometimes I just can’t help myself haha

    4. Lauren says:

      I love a great, striped maxi. Great for days at the beach or a bbq with friends. And your backyard looks so cute!


      • mam77 says:

        Thanks so much! I agree and this skirt is so soft! The backyard is much cuter than we realized. Guess we got lucky 🙂

    5. Diana Marks says:

      Great look! And I love your skirt!

      LA By Diana Live Magazine

    6. Lulu says:

      Hey Nic, I love this look effortless and chic! I have been looking a pair of nude shoes like this forever, can you send me a link or its model? Can I still get it?


      • mam77 says:

        Thanks babes! I know what you means. I wish I could hook you up with the info on these shoes but they were a random pair I found at Nordstrom Rack here in SF. I would have bought 2 pair if I could but these were the only ones I found. They’re made by nine west and the closest thing I’ve found to them is another pair by them called Packurbags in Brulee. If I see anything similar I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP 🙂

    7. Chelsea says:

      I totally wish I had picked up that skirt when I had the chance! Perfect outfit for the summer!

    8. Hey Nic, how was your Fouth! You look so relax and kick back with that cute maxi skirt of yours. Love the necklace that added that little touch of red and what a lovely yard…Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! 🙂

      • mam77 says:

        Hi KT! It was nice. I hope yours was too! This skirt screams relaxation right?! I LOVE hydrangeas too 🙂

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