Date Night Disaster

Hi Kiddies!

Wow! It’s been a crazy week and my birthday, August 9th  is just a few hours away. Today felt a little bit like bizarro world to me and wherever I looked everyone seemed to be retorically asking really?! Really?! Did you notice all sort of delays with things the last few days? Things getting broken? Miscommunications? Well you can thank Mercury Retrograde for that. In astrology Mercury turned direct today (which is good) but things always get a little more intense plus or minus a few days whenever it changes direction. Susan Miller at Astrology Zone can tell you all about it. Well these photos are from a few weeks ago when Mercury initially turned retrograde and my camera battery died right when we were heading out to this event. These were taken with my iphone and we were in a bit of a rush. Mr. T and I wanted to attend this event plus it was ridiculously cold and windy out. I had to use my iphone for one other outfit that day too which you can see here. While these aren’t the best photos (due more to us rushing than the cold- thanks Mercury 😉 I decided to share them with you anyway because I wanted to show you this cool event!

photo 99 960x960  Date Night Disasterphoto2 699x1000  Date Night Disasterphoto 94 686x1000  Date Night Disaster

Every Thursday night the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco holds an event called Nightlife at the Academy. They do a better job explaining the premise than I do so in their own words here’s how it’s described. They say “Every Thursday night, music, creatures and cocktails come together for NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences. Each week features a live band or DJ, and a unique theme – from salsa dancing to sustainable seafood and beyond.” Pretty cool right? They change the theme every week to keep things interesting and people are always lined up at the door. Mr. T and I went for date night but it’s a great event with friends, parents or to meet new people and have an interesting conversation. The fashion scene is pretty strong and the next time I go I may try to capture some “street style” fashions. Mr. T and I walked over so while I wanted to look cute I wasn’t interested in having my feet fall off. These heels were the perfect height to make that happen. I love this yellow blouse and it’s such a great shade! I’m trying to get more yellow into my wardrobe but it needs to be the right shade so I don’t look like I have jaundice…. not cute. As I mentioned, it was cold so pants were necessary and I went with a lighter shade of denim but added this back leather jacket for warmth and to keep the look urban. For the bag I choose this heavily metaled but not weighty drawstring purse and added various bits of jewelry. Aren’t these earrings great? I just love them! What would you wear for a date night like this? Do you have a color you’re trying to infuse into your wardrobe a little more?

photo 97 960x960  Date Night Disasterphoto 92 960x781  Date Night Disasterphoto 93 746x1000  Date Night Disasterphoto 91 960x712  Date Night Disaster

There was plenty more weirdness today including some incredibly gracefulness moments by yours truly. Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice? I’ll explain more about that tomorrow but I want to share one more thing with you about this event. As we were making our way through all the different areas there was a table set up by Apocalypse Cakes. They have “killer” recipes and were passing out “fortunes” that predicted the way we’d bite it. I’ve forgotten what Mr. T’s said but you can see mine below.  We just reached into a bowl to grab these so I didn’t see it beforehand. Pretty hilarious and rather apropos right?!  Haha, I’m totally sold!

PS – I promise to return with better photos next time!

photo 98 960x960  Date Night Disasterphoto 95 746x1000  Date Night Disasterphoto1 960x715  Date Night Disaster




Jeans, leather jacket – Zara

Blouse, shoes – J.Crew

Earrinngs, necklace – Forever 21

Bag – Deux Lux

Watch – Sekio

Bracelets and rings – raided from mom or gifted from grandmother

Glasses -Old Navy




    8 responses to “Date Night Disaster”

    1. Nancie says:

      loving your accessories girl.xx

    2. Tara says:

      I love the blouse on you, the color is great!

    3. Never mind the retrograde & disasters Nic… look awesome in that bright outfit!!!


    4. joyshana says:

      You look gorgeous, Happy Happy birthday to you, mine is 10 after yours:)

    5. Jenny says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great one!!! What a great outfit! That yellow blouse looks so fabulous on you! I really love your jewellery. . . very chic! That Barbie cake is pretty hilarious!

      xo Jenny

    6. lulu says:

      Hey my beauty, I have this blouse in purple, and it looks fabulous on you! I have to say we need accessory in our life. Right? lol….

    7. Taliah says:

      Great top, jewelery, and everything dear!! that yellow is gorgeous!!

    8. Jennifer says:

      Ahhhh I love the color of that top! I think yellow is great for brunettes…I just might need to borrow it one of these days *wink wink* 😉

      Happy wonderful birthday! I feel like I sort of got to celebrate it with you at American Cupcake (sort of!) but we will have to do a belated toast at sushi next week. And let me know if you ever want to hit up Cal Academy Nightlife. Its such a fun place!


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