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I’m sure you follow Manners and Moxie on Facebook and Twitter (just click those site links or the floaters on the side) but in case you don’t (I posted this news there), I didn’t want you to be left out in the cold. And by cold I mean I didn’t want you to miss out on J.Crew’s amazing sale going on through April 28th! I buy a lot of my J.Crew pieces on sale which I’ll freely admit. It’s even more exciting when they offer an additional 20 or 30% off their already reduced prices! Those promotions are usually final sale so I either go to the store or err on the side of caution if I’m not sure on fit. Well, right now J.Crew’s offering 25% off EVERYTHING! Which means those pieces you drool over, but sell out while you’re hoping they make it to the sale section can now be yours at 25% off! Here are some pieces I’m currently craving:

Any favorites from my lineup or pieces on the site that I didn’t add here? What’s on your MUST HAVE list? This 25% off promo is great because you can return something if it doesn’t fit or you just don’t like it. Here’s a shopping tip for you. If you like something, try it on no matter the cost. If it’s not in your budget at regular price cross you fingers and hope that it makes it to the sale section. If or when it does you can pounce on the item and not worry if it’s final sale; You’ll already know your size, how it fits and if it’s something you want to buy. Also, take note that sometimes they offer free shipping & returns on certain sections so it may “pay” to consider purchasing an item from the highlighted category. Right now they’re making that offer on swimwear, which happens to be pretty darn cute. Enter code SPRINGBEST to receive your 25% off. So shop away and let me know what ya get at Club Crew!



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    1. Ida says:

      I love all of these items you picked out! The wedges remind me a lot of my CL by Laundry Truth wedges ( which are on sale now as well! Love them!!

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