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Coats. Love’em! There are the obvious benefits; warmth and cozy comfort during the colder months. Polar vortex anyone? Besides that, my most favorite quality about a coat or jacket is its ability to transform a look. It can make a huge impact! Have you noticed that or experienced it for yourself?

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Maybe we should treat it more like an accessory than just a normal clothing item? Fashion Week in New York, London, Paris and Milan are the perfect example! Many of the fashionable folk are pounding the pavement in brightly colored or statement making coats. During the February shows it can bitterly cold outside and no one wants to stand around for TOO long without something warm on. Instead? Get photographed the stylish, smart way in a cool coat!

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Another benefit of statement making coats? Breaking out the basics. Don’t distress, you can still go bold with your outfit if you want. Print mixing or geometric patterns are always welcome, but simplifying a look can make a statement coat stand out even more! I’ve had this J.Crew Lady Day coat a few years and LOVE  the bright punch of color it provides. Mr. T snapped these photos on the streets of Charleston when we we’re finalizing some wedding plans. As you see the other clothes I’m wearing are rather minimalistic.

IMG 7922 960x640  Closet CaseIMG 7887 666x1000  Closet Case

If you’ve been contemplating a bright or “fun” topper then there’s no time like the present! Though it’s still all sorts of brrrrr  outside, retailers are transitioning their pieces towards spring; which means there are some great discounts to be had! So those luxury pieces you thought were out of your price range? They MAY just end up with a happy home right in your closet!




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