Channeling Summer

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Welcome to the weekend!!! Sorry for such a late post but I had a 12+ hour day at work which delayed this merriment. Hopefully you’re all way ahead of me and have in hand a tasty libation… or at least a sweet tea heh heh. I’ll try and keep my verbose nature on a tighter reign so we can all relax and enjoy ourselves. Right? Right!

Today I’m bringing you some cool February like weather from the city that says “screw you” to the rest of the country doing whatever the hell it wants all year round. Isn’t it June? If SF was a person it would just shrug its shoulders, say meh and turn it’s back on you. I got the opportunity to participate in a style challenge today with some other amazing bloggers. All these ladies know exactly what they’re doing so I feel lucky to have been admitted my Friday style challenge “ticket”. This weeks challenge was summer hats with extra points for denim shorts. As much as I like hats I have very few and being my first time with this I wanted to go all in with the denim too. Surprisingly I found a fedora that fit me! I’d been looking forEVER and poof, found one. Shorts?… Not so much. Are booty shorts the only style around these days? Seriously… Bravo to the ladies who wear them but I’m still working on my confidence level with shorter shorts. I’ve always considered my legs a trouble zone… they’re wrapped in caution tape. I found this great geometric denim print at Urban Outfitters but when I pulled them lower on my hips I resembled a marsupial… not cute.

When it came time to take these pictures SF started giving me the finger in the weather department so I styled this with a few more layers. Long sleeves and sweater, check! The hat here is bright and cheery so I wanted to keep my top colorful, but not too competitive with the hat. The shorts I wore are light in color which was another reason I kept to darker colors on top. I ended up pairing this with some wedge booties in a neutral tone since the shorts were such a light color plus these shoes also kept my feet warm. I chose the neon bag for too many reasons to list but mostly because I love it!

So tell me what you think… Does this work together or do you think I tanked my first Friday style challenge. How would you style a summer hat with denim shorts? Do you have a favorite place to buy a summer hat? I may have been channeling summer but San Francisco wasn’t so I’m fairly happy with how things turned out in the end. Given more time I may have adjusted things but next week there’s another Friday and hopefully these fantastic ladies will let me play dress up with them again. Go check out how they styled this challenge and let them know what you think!

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Meghan –

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Adiel –

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Thanks so much ladies!



Shorts – Old Navy

Blouse, sweater, necklace, earrings and right hand bracelets – J.Crew

Belle Du Jour ring (square lavender) & big gold ring – (Jewelmint), Owl ring – (Forever21),

Amethyst ring and left hand bracelets – raided from mom

Hat – Target

Bag – unknown (Ambiance Boutique SF)

Shoes – Dolce Vita

Watch – Seiko

Glasses – Charlotte Russe


    14 responses to “Channeling Summer”

    1. I think it came together really well, and I love the hat (and purse)! Kudos for taking on the shorts part of the challenge too – I totally skipped that, since I don’t even own denim shorts! So I definitely can’t offer advice on that front.

      SF weather is so weird. Later today it got somewhat warm-ish & sunny in SoMa & Potrero Hill, but alas, I had already taken my photos at that point. Curious about the next one!

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Kate! Oddly enough I think the shorts were the hardest part which was not how I saw it playing out. Plus it’d been a long week already and my brain was the consistency on baby food heh. I’m curious about the next one too! 🙂

    2. Jenny says:

      You are so fabulous at styling outfits! I love how you pull so many different accessories together, and they all work so well. I LOVE that top!!!

      <3 Jenny

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks Jenny! I appreciate it. I usually just start putting stuff on and hope it works haha. The top is on sale now at J.Crew 🙂

    3. Adrianna says:

      Love your style 🙂
      Great necklace 🙂

    4. Love this!! Yay!!! I am just still so excited to have found you! You are seriously my new fav!! Hope you have a great weekend :). Best, Whitley

      • mam77 says:

        Hey girl! You’re too kind, thank you so much! Likewise! I hope you had a great run yesterday. I need to get out today for one myself. Maybe next time I head home to SC we can meet up in Charlotte. I have some other friends there too and I usually fly into CLT 🙂

    5. Adiel says:

      This look is so cute! You have a great smile, Nicole!

    6. I love your summer look here….totally FAB!!


    7. Chelsea says:

      I own that anchor top and am quickly finding that it is one of the most versatile and well loved pieces in my closets these days! Love love love this look!

      • mam77 says:

        Thanks so much! I have notice the same thing too and have so many things on my list to pair it with. I can’t wait to see how you’re wearing it too 🙂

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