Candy And Stripes

Hi Kiddies!

I hope you all had a great weekend! After a rather emotional one myself I’m looking forward to a busy week ahead to keep me distracted. The next 3 days at work I have some training scheduled and I’m so excited because I get to wear jeans!!! That may seem like small change to some of you but for those if us who can’t normally wear jeans to work it’d be like telling me I can eat 12 dozen donuts and the calories don’t count!… Ok, maybe not THAT exciting 😉 

IMG 4028 750x1000  Candy And StripesIMG 3979 960x720  Candy And Stripesphoto 86 960x960  Candy And Stripes

I’m gonna have to make this post a quick one. My day turned out to be much busier than I thought and this girl needs some beauty rest. I wore this dress when I was visiting Philly a few week ago. I can’t believe that much time passed already! Geez…. I met my friend Brent for brunch at a restaurant called Farmicia in a part of Philadelphia called Old City. It was incredibly delicious and we had such a fantastic time we were there 4 hours! Is that even brunch anymore? I don’t know but I thought this dress was perfect for the occasion! It reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum. Anyone else remember that from childhood? Am I totally dating myself? Well this dress and that gum remind me of being playful so that was my inspiration for the day.

IMG 3923 960x720  Candy And Stripes


photo 85 960x960  Candy And Stripesphoto 88 960x960  Candy And Stripesphoto 87 960x960  Candy And Stripes

I kept things pretty simple with neutral wedges and my brown purse. Remember I was traveling so I was limited on accessories. I wore this simple but really great necklace by Gorjana. Her things are always beautiful and it doesn’t take away from the corseting detail of the dress. Isn’t it awesome?! Plus I love the bright pink straps. I added various bracelets and rings but kept the earrings simple too. When I saw it originally I thought it was such a cute sundress and perfect for summer! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much cause to break it out in the San Francisco climate but Philly was much more agreeable. What do you think of this dress? Do the colors and pattern remind you of your childhood or anything else? How would you have styled it? After brunch I walked around the city and took a few pictures, some of which I included here. A perfectly wonderful day indeed! Well tomorrow is a work day and I don’t think there will be any Fruit Stripe Gum but I’m looking forward to wearing my jeans and that makes this girl perfectly happy!

IMG 4010 949x1000  Candy And StripesIMG 4035 960x901  Candy And Stripes



Dress – Target 

Bag – Axcess by Liz Claiborne

Shoes – Nine West

Necklace – Gorjana

Right hand bracelets- Forever21 and J.Crew

Right hand rings – Forever21 and Jewelmint

Left hand bracelets – Forever21, Swarvoski & raided from mom

Left hand rings – Jewelmint & raided from mom

Watch – Sekio

Glasses – Charlotte Russe


    9 responses to “Candy And Stripes”

    1. Joy shana says:

      Love that dress, you look gorgeous

    2. Anna says:

      omg, this dress couldn’t be any cuter. Adore this post, hun. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post and guest post for Lauren Conrad. Thanks, love. xo

    3. Taliah says:

      Lol…yes, i too get excited when i can wear jeans to work so i feel your happiness. 🙂 Your dress is super duper cute!! Cant believe its from target. reminds me of something from kate Spade. Love it! Pics are great too.

    4. Ani says:

      wow,you look absolutely adorable and that summer fun dress. Love the colour combo and stripes. I am so glad I can jeans all the time at work :-), the minority of german companies have that strict dress code 🙂

      <3 Ani

    5. Tiffany says:

      You look so adorable and I love the dress. The color and stripes on it make it so gorgeous.

    6. Great outfit so chic! and jewelry is looking absolute amazing on this outfit.

    7. Savina says:

      You are so beautiful! I love your style!


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