Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1

Brave. It’s a heavy word. A weighty description and for just 5 little letters it carries SO much meaning! It’s not a word I’d normally use to describe style or fashion. I may use the term gutsy, bold, maybe even fearless but not brave. But THIS time I’m going to describe what I wore to LuckyFABB Day 1 as brave. Just take one look to see why….

IMG 7027 960x640  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1IMG 7015 768x1000  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1

The All-White Outfit. Striking, yes. Contemporary, yes. Tricky…. YES!  I’m not really sure at what point I decided to wear this except for the fact that I really like a monochromatic look. I had been toying around with other color schemes when I found this top at Zara. I intentionally bought it on the bigger side to accentuate the boxy shape. There’s something about winter white that I really like. It seems less stark and warmer but it can also read at dirty or muddy of you’re not careful. I have a tendency to become both of those things, otherwise known as klutzy, so I generally shy away from this color code. 

IMG 7037 960x640  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1IMG 7028 960x640  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1

Technically I guess this outfit isn’t All white. My favorite sunnies of the moment are a nice bright red and provide the only real pop of color. The shoes are a perfect shade of grey and really comfortable. I see myself getting some great wear from them all season; they’re my new winter neutral. This bag is easily in the same category. I hesitated buying it initially but have been carrying it non-stop ever since. It’s great for travel too since there’s very little hardware on it to weigh you down.

IMG 7021 666x1000  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1IMG 7011 666x1000  Brave – LuckyFabb Day 1

Funny story. I wore a navy jacket that’s not pictured here the same day. After being so “brave”, deciding I would somehow exist in a protective bubble that day I decided to get coffee before the conference. Only a few sips in some had already spilled on my coat. So I walked hunched over for blocks, balancing all my crap, along with the coffee trying to find a napkin. After setting everything down, desperately searching my bag a cabbie pulls up to help me! So nice, right?! The coffee was wiped and my outfit was saved…. Yippee!!! Surprisingly, the rest of the day continued without incident, though I was on high alert. In the end it was worth it. I really liked this look and may decide to become Brave more often. 



top, bag, shoes – Zara // jeans (similar) – Levi’s // sunnies – Kate Spade // jewelry – Forever 21 (similar) (love this one) and raided from mom

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