IMG 3141 750x1000  BlockedHi Kiddies!

Happy Friday to you! Hopefully you have some fun things planned for the weekend! I have a few things on my list but nothing set in stone…. except for a bang trim this afternoon. After cutting bangs about 2 weeks ago they’re already getting a little squirrely so it’s time for a trim. Do you ever feel like your grey matter pressed the pause button and you can’t find the remote? I’m feeling a little blocked today and I can’t seem to settle or really focus on anything. I’m hoping a workout may help bring me back to center but all I’ve wanted to do is set my brain on idle. The only decisions I’ve REALLY been able to make is watching Selling London on HGTV while reveling in the yumminess of coffee and an english muffin lathered in peanut butter an honey… soooooo yummy! Anyone else addicted to these real estate type shows? Or peanut butter and honey topped english muffins? 😉

IMG 3160 750x1000  Blockedphoto 81 960x960  Blocked

Well sharing this look was a decision that was easy to make and fun to wear. I have worn this for running around the city but also to work, with a slight adjustment a few weeks back. As you see these photos were taken before I cut my bangs. In these pics I was wearing black jeans but when I work it to work I wore skinny black pants. The color blocking trend has been going strong for a while now. It’s one I love and find easier to pull off than some others. Do you think so too? Personally when I started trying this trend I just grabbed colored pieces in my closet and started trying them on together to see what I liked. Some work and others don’t but the easiest way to find out is to put it on your body and see what makes you smile or crinkle your nose in disgust. 

IMG 3144 750x1000  BlockedIMG 3156 697x1000  Blocked

I bought this blazer a while ago when colored blazers started showing up on the scene. Red/orange/pinkish hues are my favorite colors so this was an easy choice. This one has a good structure to it but is made out of jersey so it’s really soft. I paired it with this blue cami that is a favorite of mine. I love the ruffles and black splattered print on it as if it got caught unawares in an art project. You could easily throw in a different colored bottom if you want but in this instance I chose black pants/jeans. For shoes I went with a neutral but it has a little something extra with the caped silver toe then decided on a brown bag since it blends well with all the colors. The neckline on this blouse is deep so I layered a few delicate necklaces instead of something really big. Do you like wearing multiple necklaces? The earrings I chose are long in shape and also have a certain lightness to them. If you’ve seen my blog before you probably know jewelry is one of my favorite things. Every piece, no matter how big or small has an impact and can totally change the look of an outfit.

IMG 3135 960x896  Blocked

Hopefully my brain will start responding soon otherwise I may need to hire someone else’s. The way things are going the dictionary and thesaurus app on my phone today may be in heavy rotation. What are your thoughts about color blocking? Do you like it or have a formula on how you put things together? Any thoughts on this pairing? There are so many ways to change up your look and sometimes something small has a big impact. I would use the examples of jewelry or in another case the bangs I cut. What’s your favorite way to make a small adjustment in a look that can have a big outcome? Well at the moment I’m hoping for a big impact to my foggy brain with a small addition too. That means making my way to the kitchen in search of a little more coffee… maybe a lot more 😉 



Jeans – Uniqlo

Blouse – Urban Outfitters

Blazer – Zara

Shoes – Nine West

Bag, pyramid bracelet – J.Crew

Necklaces – Both gold ones (Gorjana), Diamond one (Tiffany’s) 

Bangles & brown/gold ring – Forever21

Other rings – White rectangular – (Jewelmint), Silver bands and square blue – raided from mom & gift from my grandmother

Earrings – ?

Watch – Seiko

Glasses – Old Navy

    8 responses to “Blocked”

    1. Veronica says:

      Love the color combo! You look great!


    2. Love this outfit! And of course you know I love the color combo. 🙂

      I hear ya about the mental block – I was feeling that way earlier this week too. Hope you get to decompress this weekend!

    3. Shin says:

      I love your red jacket so much and do you know that you have my dream hair?!! It looks so pretty!

    4. Truly a lovely colorblocked outfit Nic… the ruffled inner top!!!


    5. Nancie says:

      looking lovely love the colours

    6. Chelsea says:

      I die over this outfit! The blazer is something that I have been looking for FOREVER! You look spectacular!
      (and I have a similar pair of feather earrings – they are my fave!)


    7. Lauren says:

      Gorgeous color combo. And the paint splatter on that blouse made me do a double take! Such a subtle, fun detail

    8. Ani says:

      Such a great colourblocked outfit. Love that blazer, such a feminine piece yet flirty and fun 🙂

      <3 Ani

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