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Sometimes you just want to take in the view and appreciate the beauty around you. What’s your interpretation of beauty? I believe there are elements of loveliness in most things. It just depends on your definition, vantage point and of course your individual “filter”. The photos below are from my few days of Charleston travel. Like a big dummy though, I left my battery charger at my parents so I didn’t get to play the role of fun loving photographer as much as I’d have liked. Wish I had a more and a greater variety to share but here are a few:

photo 2 746x1000  Beauty & The Bloggerphoto 6 746x1000  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3283 960x640  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3281 960x640  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3387 634x1000  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3276 666x1000  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3440 666x1000  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3439 666x1000  Beauty & The BloggerIMG 3275 666x1000  Beauty & The Blogger

I’ve also included this little sneak peek of my next personal style post taken the day we arrived. Though for now, being that it’s Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of beauty; unexpected or otherwise!

IMG 3252 960x566  Beauty & The Blogger



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