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Glamour. The definition carries weight. It‘s… well, glamorous! The term may be used more freely, haphazardly even, than it once was, but the essence and the feelings are still the same. In today’s post I’d like to deconstruct things for a bit and see where it leaves us, so bear with me. You may find yourself thinking about style in a whole new way!

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How do you define glamour? Have you ever stopped to consider it? Most of the time when we’re getting dressed or mulling over stylish finds no one stops to think about the actual word they’re using to describe something; I certainly don’t! For example, if you describe something as pretty or ugly, polished or messy you know how the word is defined, the feeling it evokes and the visual you give or get when you use it. One definition I found for glamorous was “full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way”. If someone asked me to define the word I don’t know if my answer would be quite so concise, but I’d like to think I’d describe it in generally the same way.

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But beyond the point of our own visuals and shared definitions have you ever considered the ACTUAL word? I touched on earlier examples such as “pretty” or “ugly”. Listen to the words as they roll off your tongue, the hard and soft sounds they make, the different way each word has been built or created. Do you notice a difference? Don’t they sound like the things you’re describing? Choose any word and think about not only the description it conjures, but also the sound it provides. Strange? Possibly. Interesting? Hopefully! In my eyes it just reinforces how powerful language can be!

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One of the great things about style is how it allows us to communicate without using words, but 9 times out of 10 we’ll still end up talking about it because that’s what we do! We’re human. Social creatures. We LIKE to talk, communicate and connect. Style is one of the best ways we share ourselves with the world! Whether you realize it or not you’re truly introducing yourself into societies’ conversation without uttering a single word. OF COURSE we’ll chat about it afterwards, but an impression, whether intentional or not will have been made. So what’s the takeaway from all this?

  • Firstly, decide on the statement you want to make and the style you want to create. This doesn’t mean you have to keep the same look it just means being mindful about who it is your portraying or being perceived as. I believe there’s a time and place for every personality you want to display, just make sure it’s your choice.
  • Once you’ve made that choice, what elements will help you convey your creation? We can use this outfit as an example. I wanted a look that was glamorous but not for the red carpet. The foundation of what I’m wearing is basic; jeans, t-shirts and a slouchy black bag for a somewhat undone look. What makes this glamorous? A bold lip color, big oversized sunglasses and most importantly my animal print coat. Though animal print can be used as a neutral it will always convey a feeling of glamour. If you’re not ready to go quite so bold, try starting small with accessories like belts, shoes and handbags.
  • Lastly my hope for this post, and a reminder for myself, is to remember how powerful style can be! Whether it’s observing, creating or talking about it, remember the affect it carries. Words are powerful and we should choose them with care, no matter the conversation.

IMG 8470 666x1000  Basically GlamorousIMG 8431 666x1000  Basically Glamorous

Still with me? Have I bored you to tears? I hope not! Fashion and style is fun and exciting. It’s a wonderful place to exercise our imaginations and it shouldn’t be super serious all the time. Though words have the power to influence how we feel about most things, when it comes to personal style you have the ability to change the conversation. Create an image for yourself that you want! Today I decided to be “basically glamorous”, but tomorrow, who knows? Who will you decide to be? Cliche as it seems, the choice really is yours…




t-shirt – T.J Maxx // jeans & heels – Zara // bag c/o Galian Hadbags // coat – ASOS // sunnies – Charlotte Russe // Lip – Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie color “Rick It All”. Link above

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