Bag Ladies Love A Mister

Ladies love handbags. There’s no way around that and I’ll happily display my membership to what I call the “bag lady love club” any day of the week. No matter the size, shape, textile or fabric we need to tote our crap around so might as well do it in something we love! Right?! Last month while attending Lucky Magazine’s Lucky FABB conference I was introduced to d’andrea handbags. Getting clued in on this great designer easily makes my favorites list. These bags are a perfect blend of utility and luxury which you can now snag at 30% off during their Mother’s Day sale!

dbag 960x960  Bag Ladies Love A Mister

Nicole, the designer, was inspired by her grandfather who was a cobbler from Italy.  Through inspiration, experience & additional education d’andrea handbags and the Mister Collection was born. Initially, after seeing these bags I almost jumped over the table to abscond with ALL the Misters; they’re quite handsome! Luckily, I kept my cool and have been waiting patiently to give Mr. Player a friend. So when I heard about this special sale I couldn’t keep the news to myself! All the Misters can now be had at 30% off from May 4th -May 13th. Never had a One-Nighter? Well here’s a chance at your own with only stylish results for an outcome.

mothers day sale e1367707293223  Bag Ladies Love A Mister

When Nicole started telling me the names of the Mister’s (Mr. Arrogant, Mr. Emotionally Unavailable etc…) I remarked to her that she must of had some interesting dates. Not only is this a girl I’d wanna hang out with but I think d’andrea handbags are a great combination of style and story; both of which I love! So grab your own Mister during this great sale and start making memories. After all, if we have to carry baggage it might as well be stylish!



My Mr. Player (pictured above) was c/o of d’andrea handbags but all opinions and reviews given here are my own.

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    1. […] I decided to keep my look lighthearted with this colorful, lacy dress which has great texture and movement. I love that it can be worn dressed up to a wonderful event but can just as easily be what you’d throw on for a day in the sun with some strappy sandals. Do you shop for clothes with versatility in mind? Adding a tuxedo style, cropped jacket gave it a modern touch and will keep my shoulders warm. Statement making heels that work in the color clashing trend, along with mixed metal jewelry keeps things fresh. And my date for the night? D’Andrea Handbags Mr. One- Nighter of course! I’ve been using him a so much during the day I figured he finally deserved a night out haha. This bag is seriously the greatest! See my obsession with D’Andrea handbags here. […]

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