Anything Goes

Hi Kiddies,

I hope you had a great weekend! I know I haven’t been posting as much in the last few weeks and I want to apologize for that. Every time I want to take pictures the weather’s been shite or I don’t have a photog available. Of course when I’m busy the sky is full of diamonds and beautiful light beckoning me to use a camera. Stupid… Not only that but I left my camera battery charger in Philly at my friends place when I was visiting. They’ve been on holiday and haven’t sent it so eventually I broke down and bought another. Of course wouldn’t you know right after that the camera fairy came to visit! The camera fairy is a friend of Mr.T’s and for the sake of consistency we’ll just call him Mr. A. I want to get a DSRL but it’s just not in my budget right now. So I don’t know exactly how it happened but apparently Mr. A had a rather nice camera he wasn’t using, took pity on this broke blogger and gifted it to me! It’s not a DSRL but it is a step above my Cannon 1100 SD. This lovely Panasonic DMC-ZS6 is 12 mega pixels where mine was just 8. It’s a great step up on the camera ladder for me and I’m very appreciative of the donation. So thank you Mr. A! I know Mr.T and I owe you a beverage… or 12 😉

P1000037 750x1000  Anything GoesP10000581 960x720  Anything Goesphoto5 960x960  Anything Goes

So the pictures you see today were some of the first photos we took with this new camera and some are slightly blurry. It has a lot of options and Mr.T and I are still figuring things out so bare with us as we slowly take off the camera training wheels. As I mentioned above the weather has been particularly cold and crappy as of late. This was the first day of Outside Lands and we snapped these rather quickly as we headed to the festival. I was rather miffed because I spent time blowing out my hair and in the course of 15 minutes it looked like this. Having attended the festival previously I knew anything goes for attire. There were a variety of things I WANTED to wear but I also didn’t want to freeze my arse off. I’ve realized closed toed shoes for this event are a must if you want to keep your feet warm, clean and free of festival goo. These cowboy boots are great for so many occasions including this one. They’re rather old but Frye boots last forever and are worth the investment.  

P10000341 960x653  Anything GoesP10000721 941x1000  Anything GoesP1000122 960x720  Anything GoesI decided to wear pants to keep my legs warm and chose these grey jeans. Opting for something brighter on top I rebelled against the dull weather with this sweater plus it helped if Mr. T and I got separated haha. A handbag was needed but nothing too heavy. I like cross body bags for occasions like these. I’m not normally a big fringe fan but I was really attracted to the blue color of this bag and the suede is so nice. I threw on various baubles but I’m particularly fond of this necklace with the stone in the center. It’s striking and can be worn with so many things. For a jacket I wore my J.Crew cargo one due to the relaxed look and occasion. What do you think of this combination? Do I look ready to jam? Haha. What would you wear to a music festival (remember it was 50 degrees outside)?

P10000541 960x806  Anything Goesphoto4 960x960  Anything Goes


P10000391 750x1000  Anything GoesAfter attending Outside Lands again this year I realized I don’t have nearly enough boots, hats and jackets for living in San Francisco. Those items are considered year round necessities here plus a good hat would have helped my hair maintain some semblance of order. I also included a few random pics of festival looks I saw. Do you see the guy in the dinosaur costume. Yep, I told you anything goes. You can thank Mr. A for being able to see that 😉



PS – I’m also linking up with Amber at Real Girl Glam for Real Girl Style!

Jeans – J Brand

White long sleeve tee, pyramid bracelet, string bracelet – J.Crew

Neon sweater – Old Navy

Boots – Frye

Bag, gold necklace with stone – Ambiance SF 

Other necklace, earrings- old

Silver mesh bracelet – H&M

Black oval ring – Forever 21

Other bracelet & rings – Raided from mom, gifted or bought traveling

Watch – Seiko 




    6 responses to “Anything Goes”

    1. Jennifer says:

      Looks like you had a great time at Outside Lands! I got a fringe cross-body bag from Zara this summer in a pale pink color however I haven’t even really used it yet. I find that I get into handbag ruts where I don’t like to switch it up because it requires moving all my stuff out of one bag to the next. Especially for the times when I forget to do the switch and leave without my wallet only to realize it when I need to pay for something! Ugh.

      And you know that I’m ALWAYS down to be your photog. The weather in SF is always going to be a little icky sometimes…us fashion bloggers need to embrace it 😉


    2. Jenny says:

      CONGRATS on the camera upgrade! That is really sweet of your friend! You definitely look perfect for a music festival. Seems weird to think that your weather is colder than ours here in Toronto!

      xo Jenny

    3. REBECCA says:

      Happy for you on your new camera Nic….I love your bohemian chic/music festival/rock concert outfit here!! 🙂


    4. Meredith says:

      Yeah for a new camera! I love this outfit! Those boots and that bag are fabulous!

    5. Taliah says:

      I NEED that bag!!! Cool boots too!

    6. Love the color combo in this look! That beautiful blue is so good with the army green and yellow! Thanks for joining Real Girl Style this week!

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