Anything Can Happen

On my recent birthday trip to Napa not only did Mr. T and I hit up the country fair, as you can see here, we also took time for a little shopping. I’m not gonna lie and say shopping isn’t one of my favorite things, because, well, that would be a lie, but on this trip I was looking for more!

IMG 5108 666x1000  Anything Can HappenIMG 5103 960x640  Anything Can Happen

You see, no matter where I am, I have an affinity for local shops, flee markets and antique stores. I’m sure that appreciation comes, in part, from hours spent as a child with my grandmother. She had an antique booth where I loved roaming about. Every object had a story, some more interesting than others, but in my eyes each one was a discovery. A mystery to uncover.  An adventure to be had.

IMG 5107 666x1000  Anything Can HappenIMG 5106 960x640  Anything Can Happen

So with a love of antiques as part of my “DNA”, I dragged Mr. T we went in search of a local market or store. Imagine my happiness when we happened upon Napa Vintage Market where I found all manner things to catch my eye. I could have spent all day there but with only the weekend to spare there were additional sights to be seen. If you find yourself in Napa be sure to stop by this fantastic store. The staff is friendly, helpful and they’re constantly getting in new, “old” merchandise.

IMG 5104 960x640  Anything Can HappenIMG 5105 666x1000  Anything Can Happen

On this trip I picked up a few earrings, 4 of the 5 which are seen below. The 5th pair are also vintage which I may wear in my wedding. A rather thrilling find if you ask me! So wherever you roam I highly recommend taking a chance on a local antique store or flee market because remember, anything can happen!

IMG 5852 960x640  Anything Can HappenIMG 5109 960x640  Anything Can Happen




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    2. Thanks for the wonderful post! We love our lil shop and what we offer! We look forward to seeing you again!

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