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Hi Kiddies!

How do I love glitter? Let me count the ways… While I’m not going to actually count the ways I think most women (and a few men) LOVE some glittery goodness. No matter how hard I try and think of it as a novelty it somehow draws me in, whispers in my ear and says… “I am a wardrobe staple. We will always be together. Get used to it” ūüėČ I may not be as¬†obsessed as¬†others about the shiny stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t get pretty darn excited about glitter pants when I see them. Do you have a thing for glitter?

P1000814 749x1000  All That GlittersP1000808 808x1000  All That GlittersPrior to attending IFBCON & LuckyFabb in New York I made the¬†obligatory¬†shopping trip to see if there was anything I “needed” (Don’t tell me you haven’t done that before). While¬†perusing¬†the racks of H&M I came to a complete¬†halt¬†when I saw these¬†lovelies!¬†¬†Mind you the store was crazy busy, I’d tried on a ton of things, picked out a few and was ready to get the heck outta there. Just then the glitter caught my eye. I knew then I’d get back in line for the dressing room with all my crap so¬†I could take a chance on some sparkle. After emerging from the dressing room the second time I put everything else back and walked out of the store with only these pants. Victory (and glitter pants) was mine!¬†

P1000805 960x853  All That GlittersI took them on my New York trip planning to wear them for Fashion’s Night Out which is exactly what I did. But I hear you say “Nic, FNO was a month ago and you’re still going to show us these pictures?” You better believe it! So yes, I apologize for the delay, but not for showing you the pants. That night I was out with my cousin and another friend and we had a great time. Don’t these ladies look amazing? The floral dress my cousin is wearing is mine, but I love they way she styled it to toughen up the sweetness factor. Our other friend Summer looked gorgeous and being that we’re all native Carolina girls it made for a special evening.

P1000804 750x1000  All That Glitters

These pictures were taken at BCBG and I’m in love with the gold vine background. Can I have that in my house please? With the pants being such a statement piece I wanted to keep the rest of the look rather simple. Being short on time I couldn’t find exactly the top I wanted but this tank allows the glitter to take center stage. I LOVE these purple suede pumps and bought them while I was in the city. I might have worn something else if I’d had access to my entire closet but I adore the pop of color they add to the look. The same goes for this great Rebecca Minkoff bag . It’s one of my favorites but I may choose something slightly different next time. Since there was already a big shiny factor to my look I keep the jewelry rather minimal with just some statement earrings and bracelets. What do you think? Were my glitter pants worth a little extra dressing room wait time? FNO worthy? Next time I’m thinking of a silk blouse paired with them but how would you style them for a night out?

P1000811 960x719  All That GlittersFollowing FNO festivities we met some friends for a late dinner. I broke off afterwards and met another friend for drinks. He was driving his Vespa and while I think they‚Äôre cute I‚Äôm not a¬†motorcycle¬†or motorini kinda girl (I don‚Äôt look good in road rash, understand?). Motor bikes have always scared me but since we¬†weren’t¬†too far from my cousins place I agreed to be¬†charioted¬†home on the Vespa. Was it fun? Yes and I even kept the bugs out of my teeth. Whoo hoo! I‚Äôd¬†definitely¬†ride a motorini again but you won‚Äôt catch me on the highway anytime soon.

motor 960x960  All That GlittersOf course being my first bike ride there was no way I was going to let an opportunity pass by without some ‚Äúdocumentation‚ÄĚ. Maybe I‚Äôll wear a helmet as an accessory the next time I go out? Think I could get one covered in glitter?

P1000826 750x1000  All That Glitters



Pants – H&M

Tank – American Apparel

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C

 Right hand bracelet, earrings and left hand gold chain bangle РForever 21

Other bracelets – Swarvoski and raided from mom

Watch – Sekio



    5 responses to “All That Glitters”

    1. Oh my gosh!!! Everything about this!!!! Hand over the pantalones!!! H&M?? Seriously? That is amazing. I want them so badly. Why can we NOT purchase on line from H&M?! I will not be able to have these fabulous trousers for myself :(… Oh well, guess I’ll have to this post and look at them on your beyond precious self. The Vespa shots are so great, but, of course, they make me miss you more!! Coming to SANFRAN or bust!
      ps–the BCBG store is awes.

    2. […] you saw in my previous post I also bought these¬†lovelies. I started out with a light, gold colored leather pair but ended up […]

    3. Jennifer says:

      OMG Glitter pants?!?! I have a dress that looks very similar to this fabric so I say…you grab your glitter pants, I’ll grab my glitter dress….and lets get some champagne?


    4. Jenny says:

      OMG…I’m so in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this look! Those pants are amazing!! I’m in H&M every day, and I can’t believe I’ve never seen them! They seriously fit you like a glove! Those shoes are stunning also! I love how you paired those glamorous pants with a basic tank! This is one of my all-time favourite outfits on you Nic!!

      xo Jenny

    5. I LOVE everything about this! The glitter sequin pants and the color heels paired with that simple tank. So utterly perfect. And it looked like tou had so much fun, love the IG photos too of you on the bike! xo

      Man you Captcha (the spam thing) is killing me lol. ūüôā

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