A Good Sweat

Hi kiddies!

Are you enjoying your Saturday? Doing any shopping by chance? Snacking on something sweet? Chatting up a friend? Whether you’re doing any of those or just chilling taking a snooze (after all a great nap can be a life changing experience) I hope you are doing whatever makes you happy. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and if something’s driving you batty then talk about it, work it out and move on to something that will make you smile. Like these cookies from Dean & DeLuca?!

P1000578 750x1000  A Good SweatP1000668 960x743  A Good Sweat

I’m finishing up my last day in NYC before heading back home to San Francisco. I haven’t been able to post very much because the last few days have been like a roller coaster in a tornado on a caffeine high. I’ve had ridiculous amounts of fun attending IFBCON, LuckyFABB, FNO, getting time with my cousin and friends as well as attending some other events that I’ll be sharing with you soon. I’ve learned a lot over the last few days one of which is not to be so busy with documenting my life that I forget to stop and experience it too. Besides how will I be able to blog if I have nothing to tell you other than I tweeted for the last 36 hours straight. Impressive? Possibly but not exactly what I have in mind for my life.

P1000724 750x1000  A Good SweatP1000585 960x720  A Good Sweat

While my feet are ready to strike on me with all this running around in heels I’m off to enjoy the city with friends. I have a feeling I’ll be spending more time in NYC. I forgot how much I love this place and the people in it. In the meantime I want to share a few photos with you from the past week. Why am I wearing a helmet? You’ll have to wait and see but for now I’m off for one more round in the city that makes me sweat… for so many reasons 😉

P1000699 779x1000  A Good SweatP1000820 750x1000  A Good Sweat




    5 responses to “A Good Sweat”

    1. Thanks for sharing you fun & fab NYC experience Nic….love those goodies (I got a sweet tooth)!!


    2. Eli says:

      I’ve never gone before but all these things you get to do sound sooooo amazing!!

    3. You precious thing with that helmet on your head. Great photos. xx

    4. Jenny says:

      Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time! You are way too adorable in your helmet!! That’s funny, growing up my Dad always said “don’t sweat the small things” but it was only a few years ago that it actually sunk in. I totally agree, sometimes we are so busy doing other things that we forget to enjoy what’s in front of us.

      xo Jenny

    5. Ahh, I just got my 20% off in the mail too – I seriously can’t wait to pick out what I’m going to get for this fall! Also – I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Not sure if you’ve heard of it/already gotten one, but check out your nomination and questions here – http://www.twelvebysix.com/2012/09/liebster-award.html

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